How To Prepare For a Date With a Plus-Size Woman


A lot of single guys might describe their basic tastes in women generically, describing themselves in terms like ‘not fussy,’ or  ‘open to offers.’ But many more will have specific preferences, and a common one is the desire to meet curvy females.

If you fall into this category, and lust after big ladies with hourglass figures and even larger personalities, you can start by entering a fat chat room and introducing yourself. When you get to the stage of planning a date, here are some pointers.

  1. Online conversations – from icebreakers to building a rapport

Dating sites provide an environment that makes it easy to connect, whether you enter the chat room facility and get involved in group discussions, or home in on individuals to exchange direct messages. But the moment will still arise when you come across a lovely large woman and need to consider what to say in your initial text. The key is to keep things relaxed and don’t try and think of smart lines to try and impress. Check out the hobbies and interests she has mentioned on her profile, then ask open questions about these. This will demonstrate that you are interested in her, and not just wanting to contact anyone from a list of site users.

  1. Ideal topics to broach with curvy women on a dating site

Think of some of the universal things. An obvious subject to choose would be cuisine. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume a big woman is more likely to be partial to a wide array of menu choices, rather than some stick-thin girl who only nibbles at salads! Discuss your favorite restaurants or national dishes. You’re bound to discover common ground and can wax lyrical about a particular food that makes your mouth water. This could lead on to recommending outlets, then suggestions about booking a table for two in a secluded corner. As you get to know each other better during a candlelit dinner, your conversation could focus on other familiar topics – movies, Netflix shows, or what was the last album you listened to?

  1. Things that you should know about dating plus-size women

Always encourage her to express her character by wearing whatever she feels most comfortable in. Many bbw women are confident in themselves and will wear outfits that reveal their generous assets. Relish the attention your partner will draw when she strides into a meeting place, her voluminous bosom rippling, seemingly about to burst from her cleavage. You can rest assured that any guys in your vicinity, in the company of much flatter-chested girls, will look on with jealousy. Embrace the fact you are going out with a large lady by taking her hand, or linking arms, at every opportunity. As well as reassuring her that she is with someone who loves every over-sized inch of her, this will enhance your self-esteem. Additionally, when she shows up for a date in a new outfit, give her lots of compliments.

  1. Prepare for your first date: the top 5 ideas to pay attention to

– Dress for the occasion. She’ll feel special if you demonstrate you’ve made an effort.

– Get there on time. Never leave your bbw on her own for awkward minutes outside the rendezvous location.

– Psyche yourself up. Get into the mood by listening to uplifting music.

– Rehearse conversation topics in advance, pre-empting awkward silences.

– Don’t treat this any differently to a date with any of your previous, perhaps smaller, girlfriends. Anticipate your get-together with excitement.

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