The 14 Sexiest Things a Guy Can Say to His Wife


Ever at a loss for good things to say?  We’re here to help.  It’s research-based, but not academic.  It gives me an excuse to ask all of my friends a question. And the answers are as varied as the women who give them. Some of the women were stumped. Others responded, “It depends on the situation.”  Overall, there were some common themes, and here they are…

1. “You are beautiful.”  And mean it.  Simple. Pure. The BEST.

2. “I cleaned the bathrooms.”  This one is a shocker, don’t you think?

3. “We’re going out.  I have a surprise evening planned. Be ready at 7.”

4. “Yes dear.”  Genuine, no sarcastic tone, please.

5. “I’m taking you away for our anniversary.  Want to go to _______ or ________?”

6. “The best thing my significant other has said to me came after I asked him to stop making fun of me (we have banter-filled conversations daily). He replied, ‘As soon as it stops being the most fun I’ve ever had.’ This was the sexiest, best thing he could have said to me because it reminded me how much fun I am and how much he enjoys me for being ME.”

7. “I’d be happy to,”  (and then smile) when she asks you to do something.  It’s along the same lines of “Yes Dear.”

8. “How about if I take care of the kids some time this week so you can go out with your friends?”  Wow!  That one would be nice.

9.  “I missed you today.”  Mmmmmm…..  Very nice.

10.  “I love you.” This is great especially when it’s unexpected and out of the blue.

11. “I don’t know how you do everything you do.” It says that he thinks you are a marvel.

12. “I love the way you… (fill in the blank)”

13. “The sexiest thing my hubby says to me is ‘I cooked dinner tonight.’ A huge load is lifted from my shoulders and I can’t help but love him more than ever.”

14. “Great dinner tonight.  How about if I take care of the dishes?”  (Again, this makes me melt as I type it. There’s acknowledgment of effort and a job well done.  Plus, he’s giving you a break!)

So, guys, have you got an idea what women like to hear?  My read on this is that they like to hear that they are loved and beautiful and that you are doing something to make their life a little easier.  You are taking care of them.  Ladies, feel free to add to this one.