What You Can Learn From Your Date’s Outfit—Including How Lucky You Just Might Get


Contrary to popular belief, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Sure, most people have hidden sides they don’t reveal right away, but as a woman, I can tell you that we rarely dress in things that don’t jibe with our personalities—especially for first dates. With that in mind, here are eight common first date looks, what they mean and how to play the hand your dealt, so to speak. Good luck and good night—hopefully not alone…

1. The Trendsetter

trend-setter.jpgShe’s extroverted, accessorized and fashionable. Not afraid to show a little skin, she’ll be open to meeting at a posh lunch spot. Her positive and fun personality will make her easy to converse with but you might find her use of the word “like” a bit tiring after a while. She’s a likely candidate for a sugar daddy and could very well make your lunch a “happy hour” if you’re dialed in and can flash the goods. Photo: Getty/Yagi Studio

2. The Sass Queen

sass-queen.jpg This party girl likes her heels high, her dress short and her attitude fierce. She’ll test you and possibly try to squash your ego, but your best bet is to play it cool and confident. She’ll come around when she realizes you’re man enough to handle her. She might be a little rough around the edges, but don’t be fooled—she’s “open minded” and DTF once you put her in her place. Photo: Getty/stray_cat

3. The Daddy Issues Girl

daddys-girl.jpgLost and confused, she attempts to hide her insecurities with revealing clothes and woo you with her assets. Not the girl you want to take home to Mom but chances are you can take her home to your dog. Word of caution: Sex will be hot and steamy… and you can expect her to become clingy and claim you as her boyfriend before you know it. Photo: Getty/Josef Mohyla

4. The Yoga Babe

yoga-girl.jpgA breath of fresh air, she’s positive, mindful and fun, enjoying experiences and adventures more than material things. Rest assured that you won’t want to run for the hills the morning after because she’s not only naturally beautiful but just might be the unicorn you’re looking for. If you can establish a deep connection early, you’ll be on the right track. No need to rush into bed—she’s worth the wait. Photo: Getty/PeopleImages

5. The Double-Edged Sword

double-edged-sword.jpgYour typical girl next door—with a twist. Innocent yet cunning, this false unicorn might become your worst nightmare. She’ll play nice as long as she’s getting what she wants and she doesn’t take no for an answer. Despite her inviting smile, she’s guarded and has a thick shield of armor on. If getting laid is your objective, plan on putting in more effort than you’re anticipating and make sure you don’t break her heart. I wouldn’t put slashed tires and broken windows past this one. Photo: Getty/4FR

6. The Busy Professional

business-pro.jpg Career oriented, smart and ambitious, she prioritizes her sleep and workouts over dates. She sets her standards high and appreciates intelligent men who can keep up with her ideas on Trump and the current state of the stock market. There may be no time for a serious relationship, but if you’re a good match, a convenient fuck buddy isn’t out of the question—just don’t plan on cuddling or spending the night. Photo: Getty/filadendron

7. The Free Spirit


Liberal, open to new experiences and as versatile as they get. She’s the kind of girl you can do anything with—literally. Expect to never get bored, as she’s spontaneous, edgy and hardly afraid of risqué behavior. She’s a sucker for ink so reveal your sleeves and she’s all yours. Just make sure you have plenty of energy. Photo: Getty/visualspace

8. The Gold Digger


Beautiful and stylish, this girl knows what she wants. Enjoying the finer things in life, she’s looking for a man with a cushy bank account who can sweep her off on an overnight flight to Paris. If you like the high-maintenance type and aren’t opposed to having a trophy girl, proceed with caution. Sex isn’t her top priority, but all she needs is a new Hermes handbag and you can have your way. Photo: Getty/Todor Tsvetkov