Relationships After Lockdown: Top Trends for Singles in the Dating Industry


The pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, especially how we socialize. With everything from sports centers to nightclubs having closed their doors, this enforced exile has been particularly hard for singles. If you’re on the lookout for a partner, the good news is online dating has never been healthier. Let’s examine the top post-lockdown trends for singles who are embracing digital matchmaking.

Virtual dating and video chatting are still ‘on trend’

Meeting prospective partners via an outlet for online dating remains a hugely popular activity. These sites provide convenient platforms for interacting remotely, whether by exchanging texts or arranging face-to-face liaisons utilizing video chat software. We’ve all grown used to communicating by Zoom or FaceTime over the past months, technology that dating services had been taking advantage of long before anyone had heard of COVID-19.

People are looking for serious relationships

The health crisis has made many people think more deeply about their future. Rather than relying on ‘no strings’ flings, a growing trend is for singles to search for soulmates. Again, this is a process that can be easily accommodated in the digital environment, so newcomers to any dating service are now taking more time to sift through the profiles of other members.

Mask-wearing and social distancing – the new reality

Science has proven that preventative measures, such as wearing masks and observing social distancing, are recommended methods for avoiding infection. Because this has become ingrained, the consensus is that going on dates should be treated no differently than any other social outing. Singles rocking up at the appointed rendezvous spot should feel comfortable about wearing masks and greeting each other with an ‘elbow bump’ rather than a handshake. Copious use of hand-gel handily stored in handbags or pockets should also form an important aspect of this new reality.

Relying on algorithms for matchmaking

Algorithms – the inbuilt software that assists the matchmaking process – are going to be relied on more than ever. These programs are becoming ever-more sophisticated and could be fine-tuned to help pinpoint potential partners based on location. If this happens to coincide with a known COVID hotspot, you can take this information into account.

Background checks are all-important

Singles might once have fretted about the sexual history of strangers they interacted with. This will remain the case, but nowadays, there is an additional health concern about individual exposure to COVID-19. The secure communication channels offered by dating sites are ideal for developing a rapport with another single – then subtly finding out their inoculation status. If they come across as an anti-vaxxer, you always have the option to move on.

Much as the pandemic has provided an anxious period for anyone seeking relationships, the dating industry has remained buoyant. With the rollout of vaccination programs, there is a sense that there’s a light at the tunnel’s end, with more and more singles taking advantage of online opportunities. So if you’re eager to connect, try to check out dating site reviews and complete an application form!

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