Stop trying to get LAID and get GOOD with WOMEN


Okay this is going to sound kind of crazy, but hear me out.


Ok – most guys aren’t getting the results that they want because they are focusing on….. getting laid.


That’s right. The one thing I’m learning about all these guys i’m training is – focusing on that isn’t usually going to end up with you getting what you want and being happy.

When you’re focusing on sex, you’ve got 2 problems.

  • If you’re just trying to get LAID – you’re ignoring a shit-load of deeper issues that are causing you not to get laid in the first place
  • If you invest all your energy and intent on getting laid, you’re likely to fall into the belief there’s a quick-fix solution to solve this problem. There isn’t one.

What does this mean?

It means that, even if you fix a couple of simple things (maybe your body language, eye contact – or you simply start approaching) … and those things get you laid….

So what?

I mean sure – if you didn’t have any major limiting beliefs holding you back, you might be fine. If you JUST needed to work on your conversations skills, or JUST needed to get past your fear of approach – FANTASTIC!!! You can go on and lead a normal life. GOOD FOR YOU!

Unfortunately, the guys who “just” need to improve on one or two minor areas like that aren’t the majority.

For most men – there is something deeper than is holding them back. So, believing that you can simply fix this or that element of your “Game” and you’ll suddenly be having sex with dozens of hot women, is absurd. It doesn’t work like that – even though many dollars have been spent on marketing campaigns trying to convince you otherwise. Can CAN get to that point – but usually it takes a bit of work ;)

So, if you approach this area of your life believing that this is the case – that GETTING LAID will make you happy – it won’t. I guarantee you that. It’s not lack of sex that’s your problem. Lack of sex is just a symptom of your real problem. Whether it be shitty conversational skills, being too scared to approach a girl, being too serious, not showering regularly, not feeling worthy of truly amazing women, or not believing a woman could ever love you for who you truly are.

Trying to “bang more chicks” isn’t going to get you where you want to be.

It’s like going to the Doctor with a fractured wrist – and he gives you some pain killers. It might make you feel better – but it’s not going to help your fracture heal properly. In the long run, your wrist could actually get a lot worse because you didn’t recognize, and deal with what actual problem was.

So – don’t just take pain killers. Try and SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Ask yourself these questions:

    • What bunch of programming, limiting beliefs, or thoughts are STOPPING me from getting what i want? What is the main thing I KNOW I could do to help me get to where I want to be?

What is the primary fear that is stopping me from achieving what I want to achieve?

At what point in an interaction do you usually “loose” the girl? What is the significance of this?

What do I *really* need to do so move past this? What’s the next step?

What I’m urging you to do is to find the deeper level issue and try to conquer THAT. Nevermind trying to get laid.
How about:

    • I want to develop a genuine curiosity about women, and a deeper understanding of their wants and desires.

I want to stop caring what people think of me, and start acting out of my own true desires and intentions

I want to give value to the world in order to feel good about mysel and invite amazing karma to come my way

I want to have amazing women in my life that I connect with, care about, who love me for WHO I AM

I want develop my love for myself to the point where just being me makes me happy….

THOSE are goals that will ultimately attract more amazing women into your life.

So – what you’ve got to do is two-fold

  • Be honest with yourself when considering what you truly need to work on.
  • TAKE THE NEXT STEP FEARLESSLY – that means as soon as you know what it is ;)

Ultimately, you are responsible for your future, and your happyness. If you’re not going to take the next course of action, who will? Only when you tackle the underlying issues will you truly break free of all limitations and get GOOD WITH WOMEN.