Ladies You’re Not Entitled, And It’s Not Fair


Ladies, you’re not entitled to anything.

You’re not entitled to commitment. You don’t have a right to anything from any man. You don’t have any right to a man’s time, money, attention or sexual fidelity. You’re not entitled to get pregnant, and you don’t have a right to have children. You’re not entitled to “have it all”.

You’re not entitled to protection from any nearby man simply because you want it or think you need it or feel afraid of someone or something. You don’t have a right to a man’s “protection” because of your excessive consumption of legal or illegal substances. You have a right to make poor decisions. But you definitely do NOT have a right to demand that nearby men relieve you of the consequences of your poor decisions. Men are not your personal bodyguards, janitors, mediators, or moral enforcers.

You’re not entitled to any nearby man’s help with anything simply because you want or need his physical strength, height, intellect, or expertise. You’re not entitled to a man’s help because you are not strong enough to move it, aren’t tall enough to reach it, can’t figure it out, or don’t have the stomach for it. You’re not entitled to attention from a man just because you’re a woman and he’s a man. You’re not entitled to help with your work.

You’re not entitled to favors of any kind. You’re not entitled to free transportation on demand. You’re not entitled to help moving furniture into or around your home. And you don’t have a right to a shoulder to cry on after you discovered your boyfriend “cheating” on you with your coworker or your best friend.

You’re not entitled to a drink from that guy. You’re not entitled to anything from that hawt guy just because you went home with him from the bar that night. You’re not entitled to commitment from him. You’re not entitled to a relationship, breakfast in the morning, a return text, or even an acknowledgment that he knew you. Why should he value you more than you value yourself?

You’re not entitled. To anything.

Men, it’s not fair.

In the sexual market, you’re not entitled to fairness or justice. You’re not entitled to be heard or even to plead your case. And you don’t have a right to leave the market, either. You don’t have a right to be free from rejection. You’re not entitled to excuses or justifications. You will be evaluated and assessed on your sociosexual status. There is no escape from any of this.

Each and every one of you are players in this game, whether or not you know it and whether or not you wish to be. The only question is by what rules you will play it.

You will be rejected for reasons that have everything to do with you, nothing to do with you, and every point in between. Most of the time you will never know the truth of why you were rejected. You will be rejected many, many times, and you will need to develop a thick skin for it.

In your mission, you will be entitled only to what you earn — nothing more, nothing less. If you or others receive more than what was earned, it is because someone gave it freely or it was otherwise received unfairly. No, it wasn’t fair. No, they weren’t entitled to it. Yes, you will need to get over that. And you cannot change that. Sometimes, you will be deprived even of what you earned. And if that happens, it will be up to you to change it, challenge it, or remove from your life the persons who so deprived you.

And none of that is fair.

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