Signs Your Wife isn’t happy With You & What to Do About It


All marriages go through their ups and downs, growing strong by facing challenges such as misunderstandings, quarrels, and other issues. But to make your relationship successful, you must accept each other’s shortcomings and develop tolerance and understanding toward each other. Then there are times when a partner can be ignorant and unaware of the distress and unhappiness their partner is going through. Men can be oblivious to their wife’s feelings due to their busy schedules.

Signs That Your Wife Might be Unhappy

Here are a few signs to tell you that your wife might be unhappy in the marriage.

She No Longer Makes Any Effort

Does your wife appear very nonchalant about the marriage lately? Does she exhibit carelessness toward the responsibilities of the marriage recently? These are common signs that she no longer feels the need to make an effort toward the marriage as she is unhappy. She might have disappointed you over something, but all she does about it is quietly apologize, not show any sign of remorse or offer any explanation for her behavior. She is sorry but does not clear the misunderstandings as she just doesn’t care anymore.

She is Negative Most of the Time

If your wife is unhappy, she will often express it negatively. No matter the topic, she will most likely have a negative response to it. You will find it very hard to appease her over anything or get a positive opinion.

Your Presence Is Not Required To Make Her Happy

Many men find it increasingly frustrating that their wives are noticeably happier with other people and not so much when they are together. It makes most men crazy that their wives don’t need their husbands to be happy anymore. If your wife is scheduling activities and appointments with colleagues and friends and seems to have a lot more fun with them, it is a clear sign that she enjoys their company over yours.

There Is No Personal Moment Between You

If the connection between you and your wife seems loose and missing, it is an obvious sign that she is unhappy in the marriage. She will never want to discuss personal matters with you, such as her fears, emotions, ambitions, hobbies, or dreams. When you see that she rarely shares any personal issues with you or doesn’t even want to discuss your future together, you can easily yell that she is not happy.

She Doesn’t Share Her Problems With You

You may have approached your wife regarding her erratic behavior, and all you could get out of her was, “Nothing is Wrong”, or “It’s all fine”. This clearly shows that she is not comfortable sharing the problems that she is facing with you anymore. This makes it evident that she is unhappy in the marriage, and it can be damaging to the relationship.

Steps To Fix Your Relationship

It might seem that your marriage is doomed as all your efforts to reconcile have seemingly failed. But you should not lose hope; instead, go through these tips to try and fix your marriage by making her happy. Working on your relationship can sometimes be benefitted from taking the services of a mens relationship coach. They will be able to guide you on taking the appropriate steps to fix your relationship.

Be Kind To Her

You might have had a bad day at work or just be wiped out at the end of the day, so it is common to take it out on your wife by mistake. This might create a strain between you two as it creates tension by making it seem like you are blaming her for all the hurdles and problems that you are facing.

You must never forget that you and your wife are on the same team and that she will always support you by being on your side. You must try to be kind to her, not take things out on her, and be supportive, as she, too, will have troubles that she needs to sort out. Don’t add to her worries, as it will make her more unhappy.

Show Her Your Appreciation

You might want to settle into a comfortable routine after you have been married for many years. However, if you don’t make an effort and settle into a long-term routine, it could be harmful to your marriage. You should always make an effort to make your wife feel appreciated. You can do this by thanking them now and then, helping out with her chores, and taking care of the children often.

Avoid making your wife feel like she is taken for granted. You can show her a good time by going on a shopping spree with her or getting her a spa appointment. Doing something meaningful for her will show her that you appreciate what she brings to your life and that you love her. These steps will positively affect your wife’s mood and make her happy.

Be Mindful of What You Say to Her

Saying generalizing terms to your wife, such as “you never” can cause arguments among partners as they set a bad mood. So you must be careful not to use these with her as they can make her feel generalized and stereotyped. You should not make her feel any less of an individual with no separate identity. Instead, use positive and appreciative words when communicating with her, so she feels valued for being your wife.

Dont Hesitate To Apologize

You need to learn to let go of your ego in the marriage. If you have committed an error, you need to accept your mistake and apologize for it. This way, you will be able to show your wife that you are mature enough to admit your mistakes and are willing to make efforts to work on them together. Show her that you are not denying your faults, and make her feel safe and protected with you by owning up to your mistakes and apologizing promptly.

Summing Up

If you notice that your wife is unhappy in the marriage, don’t be disheartened. Instead, try to find out what went wrong and follow the tips above to try and solve the issue. Hopefully, you will be able to get the marriage help you need and be able to rescue your marriage by making your wife feel happy and loved.