10 Signs You’re Dating a D-Bag


Every woman involved in the dating scene has met her fair share of jerks. Some of you call them assholes and others call them losers.  We call them Douche Bags or D-Bags for short: “douche bags are perfect though (in regards to describing these types of men)…a douche bag is someone who desperately wants to get some contact with a vagina but under no circumstances should be allowed to do so”.

Some douche bags reveal themselves faster than others but eventually a D-Bag just can’t help his selfish ways. Here are the top 10 signs you need to “dump that zero and get with a hero”. And no…using a cheesy, over played pick up line is not on the list of qualifications.

10. He’s Always Cutting You Down

Perhaps you’re getting dressed to go out with friends and he says something like “Hey those pants make you look fat…just kidding, but really are you wearing that?” Feel free to remind him that his freshman 15 isn’t so charming junior year.

9. He Never Wants To See Your Friends or Do What You Suggest

Why is it that every time you get together, the plans consist of you watching him and his friends play Halo or Fantasy Football? A good guy who is really interested in you wants to get to know the things you like and the people you spend time with

8. He Introduces You As “This Chick I’m With”

If his closest friends don’t know your name, then he is really not that interested. Period.

7. He Is Rude To The Waitresses

On your first few dates pay close attention to how he treats the wait staff. If he is rude and orders them around, chances are that’s how he will be talking to you sooner rather that later.  Last thing you want is to be catering some guy and his friends every Sunday during football.

6. He Hides His Phone

That is a red flag right there. If you notice him sneaking off to talk to someone, or you see him constantly delete his text messages, it’s probably because he is hiding things from you.  More times than not, that ‘thing’ he is hiding is the ugly bimbo he met while out with some friends.

5. Your Friends Don’t Like Him

You may have a friend or two that thinks no one is good enough for you. It’s another issue if all of your friends talk bad about him. When your in a relationship it’s a lot harder to see things from a level headed point of view. If all your friends think he is a player, its time to ditch the dud.

4. He Is Too Busy For You, But You Better Make Time For Him

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be available for someone.  However, if your second and third date consisted of you helping him move, then putting together his impossible complicated IKEA desk, then he better be ready to repay the favor. When you call him the day your car breaks down just before work and he is too busy to come get you, that is the hallmark of a true D-Bag.

3. He Ignores You Around His Friends

It’s not acceptable to act one way when you are alone and another out in public. Don’t let him think its OK to call you “pookie bear” in a text and then act like he barely knows you when your out at the bar.  If that’s the case, he most likely is putting on an act for you when his friends aren’t around.

2. He Talks Behind Peoples Back

The same rules apply to men as they do with that gossipy bitch in your English class. If he is constantly slamming his friend, what do you think he is saying about you?  One or two comments here and there is no biggy.  When the conversation always consists of him bashing friends, chances are he’s the problem and not them.

1. After You Have Sex He Tells You He Isn’t Interested In a Relationship

D-Bags worldwide know that after you have taken the relationship to the next level, it’s a lot harder to break away. If he makes you believe he cares about you and then runs once he has hit home plate, then its YOU that is the D-Bag if you let him back into your life.