Top 10 First Date Lies It Is Okay To Tell


When it comes to first dates, it’s easy to try to hard to be ourselves that we forget the big pictures. But remember; first dates usually play out like job interviews, but with better lighting.

And just as you would fib in a job interview that your last boss was awesome but you needed to do something new, there are also some lies it’s okay to tell on first dates as well.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #10

I noticed you right away

You probably didn’t even know they were alive until they bumped right into you, but you want to flatter them and make them feel like you really, really want to be there, so why not make them feel like gold?

You don’t have to drown yourself in the lie, but do make them feel like the attraction isn’t just one-sided if you think that the date might actually go somewhere.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #9

I love life

Perhaps life has been taking a crap on you of late, but the last thing anyone wants is to go on a date with Debbie Downer, so put on a smile and be positive about life.

You don’t have to go into detail about how wonderful things are, but do try to see the positive in the things that are going on around you or there’s a good chance that this date will not turn into a second date.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #8

iPhone is way better than Android

If your date is obsessed with something that you really don’t give a crap about, like say, their phone, why not just agree with their assessment and be done with it? There’s a good chance that if you disagree with them, they will go on and on about it.

So your best bet is to take their side and move on to something that you really take an interest in. Unfortunately, they might pull the same thing on you.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #7

Wow, we really think alike

Perhaps your date keeps finishing your sentences and getting it wrong, or maybe they nailed one thing and that made you feel so good, either way, everyone loves to hear that their thought process resembles that of someone they like.

Maybe you think that they don’t really get you, but perhaps making such a comment will make them really want to try harder.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #6

I’m having a great time

Okay, so maybe the time you’re having is mediocre, but it looks like your date is actually loving your time together. Do you really want to break their heart and tell them you’re having an “okay” time? Of course not.

Of course, you don’t want to give them false hopes, but if you truly like this person but the setting just isn’t working, that really isn’t their fault, so try to be as upbeat about it as you can.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #5

It was so nice to meet you

Perhaps you’re certain that this isn’t going to work out and they’re never going to see you romantically again, but telling someone that it was nice to meet them doesn’t translate into a night cap and bacon in the morning, does it (bacon, is there anything it can’t do?)?

Just be polite, say it was nice to meet the person and be on your merry way.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #4

I agree

Maybe you don’t really agree, but if you like this person immensely and want it to go somewhere, arguing about anything and everything really is not the way to go.

Instead, you can use the “I agree” term to follow up with “however”, or you can just agree and move on. Either way, everyone loves to hear that the person they’re with agrees with their views on some level.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #3

Oh I don’t sleep around

Even if you have the college football team on speed dial because you know each one intimately, this is not the time to admit that you have sex for sport. It’s a first date, you can wait before you reveal that you have slept with more people than Tiger Woods.

Instead, try to steer clear of the whole sex partner thing altogether, if possible.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #2

I thank my ex for the experience

Maybe you hate your ex, maybe you have a voodoo doll at home that you stab away at every night, but in the grand scheme of things, no date wants to hear how much you hate your ex, no matter how damaging the relationship was.

Chalk up your last relationship to an experience and move along, there’s nothing else to talk about here.

First date lies it’s okay to tell #1

Tell me more about quantum physics

Perhaps what your date does for a living does not really turn your knobs, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them talk a little bit about work.

If you’re into the person, even though you are completely oblivious to what they do for a living, you will feign interest, at least in the beginning of the relationship. So listen up and pay attention.

First date lies end there

Once you’ve established a relationship, you can’t keep faking it. So whether you lied to impress them, make them feel better or just because you didn’t want to get into it, if your relationship progresses, you’re going to have to fess up at some point.

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