How to Become the Woman He Can’t Get Enough Of


Most men are simple. They have simple needs and simple expectations. This means that many men are going to be happy as a clam once you have been dating for a while and not really have a sense of urgency to take the next step. Women, on the other hand, are complicated; we over-analyze pretty much everything, we have complex needs, and very high expectations. So the longer a woman is in a relationship, the more likely she is expecting that the next step is not too far behind.

We are not talking about a specific set timeline. But let’s be honest, your happily ever after you have been dreaming of your whole life does not stop at you both use the same key to open the front door.

Your goal is to find your forever love, and we believe the best way to find it is to invest in yourself first. We share with you some things you should do for yourself and naturally you will become the woman he cannot get enough of.


When you get trapped in your comfort zone, most of your confidence gets trapped there too. Invest in yourself, pick up a self-improvement book and learn how to put yourself first. Wake up every day with an attitude of, “Girl, you deserve everything this world has to offer, and you are going to go get it.” And then, truly live that mindset out. If you live together he probably sees more often than not, the hair up in a bun, no make-up, yoga pants version of you. Buy a sexy little dress and surprise him with a date night every once in a while. Cook dinner for him in your heels, and then take him to the bedroom for dessert.


It is easy to get caught up in the lull of spending all of your time together when in the beginning you could not get enough of each other. We hate to break it to you, but he cannot be your best friend and your lover, that is too much pressure for anyone. Make time for your girlfriends. You need a girls night out every once in a while. We cannot tell you enough the good even a girls wine night will do for your soul. You need the opportunity to miss each other, the reminder of why you chose to be with that person in the first place.


A man loves a woman with passion. Whatever that is for you, set goals for yourself. It is a positive and attractive quality when a woman has a drive to do something great, and to be something great. It is healthy to be in a relationship where both people never want to live without the other person, but you understand that is a choice. And if that choice was to change, you each know your survival rate alone is pretty high.


The greatest gift you can ever give your partner is to love yourself. You have a unique purpose and individual qualities that make you who you are. A man will only be able to value you to the extent that you value yourself. What you bring to the table is equally as important as what he does. Spend time investing in yourself so that you understand the worth of your independence, ambition, passion, generosity, loyalty, and love.


Happiness is a choice and a mindset; it is also incredibly infectious. Everyone deserves a partner who is going to stay strong in the storm, and ride the waves in the sun. When everything in your life may not be going as planned and you may feel like you are not where you want to be, that doesn’t mean you let those things steal your joy. We all face obstacles and choosing happiness will help you to control how far you allow the tough times in your relationship to get the best of you.

It is a powerful feeling to choose to be with your partner, not stick around because you need him. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.