10 Things Women Do to Attract Men


The start of a new relationship can be quite intimidating, but also very exciting at the same time. Unfortunately, for a lot of women, attracting a man or getting that one man that they truly want to notice them can be hard. In one survey, 67% of female participants reported that they had not had a good date within the past three months. Here’s an interesting fact – if you haven’t heard back from him after the first day, then there is only about a 12% chance that he is actually going to call you for another date.

For those women who are finding it hard to attract men, things can be even more difficult. Luckily, by taking a look back at what women have been doing that seems to turn out successful, you can equip yourself with a couple of skills to help make a lasting impression that will urge him to give you a callback. Whether you are looking at tips on dating over 40 or still in your twenties, the tips we share in this post will surely help you switch on the attraction switch.

1. Bringing out the Youthfulness

Whether it comes to dating over 30 or even older age, one thing that women do realize is that men prefer someone who can flaunt their youthfulness, even when they are no longer in their twenties. This does not mean looking as young as possible. It means being able to accept an adventurous date instead of preferring to sit down in a boring restaurant and simply stare at each other with almost nothing to say to one another.

2. Remaining Positive

A positive attitude can really go a long way, which is something that can also be very attractive to men. Women should try to remain positive and avoid talking about the negative aspects of their lives, especially during the first few dates.

3. Focusing on Eye Contact

Eye contact is also crucial during a date and when seeing someone. A woman who constantly looks at her watch, for example, will seem like she is in a hurry to get the date over with. Retaining eye contact shows him that you are interested in what he has to say. It makes it feel appreciated and important.

4. Taking Control without Being Dominant

While men do enjoy having the dominant role in a relationship, today, a lot of men prefer women who are able to look after themselves instead of being fearful of everything. Thus, being able to take control, but without entering a dominant role is another important aspect for women to improve their level of attraction.

5. A Few Light Touches

Going all-in for big touches during the first date can scare a guy off, quickly. A woman should play it safe and go slow. Maybe just start with a few light touches during the first couple of dates. Touch his hand, move your hand lightly over his shoulder.

6. Prioritizing Communication

Communication is important in a relationship and should be something to prioritize from the very first date. Women need to make sure that they are able to communicate with a guy. They should also not be the only one talking, but also play a role as a good listener.

7. The Ability to Tell a Joke

Being able to tell a joke is something that men often look for in a woman. While not everyone has that natural talent to make everyone laugh, women should make sure they at least have something to say that would make their date smile once in a while.

8. Not Being Overly Sensitive to His Jokes

While on the subject of jokes, women should not only be able to tell jokes, but they should also be able to take one. It is important to understand when the man makes a joke – and to give a response, even if it is just in the form of a smile.

9. Understanding Their Own Voice

Women should know their own voice. For example, if they talk very softly, then they should realize when they need to increase the volume of their voice in a crowded location. At the same time, men do not want to feel like their date is constantly screaming at them.

10. Having the Right Posture

The last one is posture. Women should exert a positive, confident posture while they are on a date, instead of sitting in a cramped position. This will help their date feel that they are enjoying the time they are spending together.


Dating can be challenging, especially if you find that men are not especially attracted to you during dates, or that they do not call back. Fortunately, with just a couple of strategies, you can really turn up the level of attraction that you give off – in turn, this can greatly increase the chances of getting a call for a second date. Consider the tips shared in this article to make that next date one to remember.