6 Secrets for Dating Success for Workaholics


So you’re a workaholic, and you’ve just realized that you need a dating life. Don’t worry – you are not alone. The sad reality is that a lot of individuals find themselves buried in their work today, and at the same time, they end up realizing that they do have a need for companionship.

While in theory, it is easy enough to dump work and go paint the town red every once in a while, it is a different story when put into practice. Workaholics may have hard time giving up work even for just a few hours. This does not mean that it is not possible to be totally dedicated to your work and have some fun at the same time! Check out these dating tips for workaholics.

1. Broaden your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Stop for a while and think about this: how many friends do you have? When I say friends, I mean those that you can actually talk to about personal things without needing alcohol in your system. The next question is this: how many of these friends are from the office? If you figure out that most of your friends are connected with work, then you really need to shake things up a bit. And, even if you have friends outside of the office, you still can benefit from broadening your circle.

How do you do this? Go out with friends more. For sure, they will have friends that you do not know. It always helps to meet new people. Then there’s online dating sites. While not everyone is into these sites, they’re perfect for people who do not have much free time on their hands (like you presumably). I’m not saying that you should jump at date invites immediately, but the idea is to simply open up more doors to meet new people. With totally free dating sites, you can get to meet individuals who you might not meet otherwise.

2. Set your priorities straight.

You love your work, right? Yet you also cannot discount the fact that you want to have human interaction in the form of dating – that’s why you’re reading this article right now. Well let me tell you one thing: you have got to set your priorities straight. You need to understand that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot work 24/7 and expect to have a dating life. Something has got to give – even temporarily. Once you have understood this, you simply need to set aside a bit of your time to “focus” on dating.

3. Manage your time wisely.

Speaking of time…your problem might simply be a case of time management. There will always be work to be done. This is even truer for those who are more passionate about their work than is normal. However, once you have decided that you need to get out and interact with other singles, you might find it a bit of a challenge to cram all your to-dos in 24 hours. The solution is to be organized about everything. The chances are that you already rely on your calendar (mobile phone or computer) heavily. Why not set aside a couple or so hours there for dating and dating-related activities? If your friends are going out on a certain night, put that in your calendar and no matter what happens, go with them. If you want to try online dating, set aside an hour or so – put that in your calendar – to update your profile, browse the site, or whatever. And, once you have placed things in your calendar, make sure you stick to the plan!

4. Engage in activities that you like doing – outside of work.

Aside from going to the bar or pub with friends, you ought to try spending time on activities that you really enjoy. Do you like taking walks in the park? Going to the gym? Watching movies? Traveling? You don’t have to do them often, as long as you do them on a regular basis. Doing these things will help you expose yourself to a different environment and help you overall. And, who knows, you just might meet a likeminded person while you’re at it!

5. Compartmentalize!

So let’s say you’ve found yourself a date. What to do next? How do you keep your mind off of your work? Easier said than done, but compartmentalize. If you’re good at what you do in the office, then you ought to have some ability to focus. When you’re out on a date, make sure that you don’t dwell on your tasks at work. Focus on what your date is saying and/or asking you. Be genuinely interested in what he or she has to say.

6. Make a conscious effort to relax.

This applies both to while you’re out on a date and how you live your life in general. Workaholics tend to be uptight most of the time, and when you’re uptight, you tend to miss out on a lot of things. Relaxing may not come naturally to you, so you’ll need to make a conscious effort to do so. The more you feel at ease about relaxing, the better experience you’ll have at dating.