5 Ways You’re Becoming Your Mother


Ladies, getting older is tough as we all know; eating just anything isn’t an option and the perfect night out isn’t spent clubbing into the wee hours of the morning but instead is spent cozy on the couch. We’re all badass mature women, we accept the changes willingly and adapt, but there’s one phrase that strikes fear into any woman’s heart; “you’re turning into your mother”. It’s an unexplainable feeling, a combination of pride and fear because it’s not that we don’t love our moms but we’re not quite ready to take on that mantle just yet. It’s an inevitability that one day we’ll all become our mothers but before you settle into that bathrobe here are 5 ways to know you’re turning into your mother.

Shit’s About to Get Real

It’s such a great deal!

Everyone loves a deal but if you find yourself wandering into TJMaxx to check out the prices of the sheet sets, not because you need them but just to see; you’re turning into your mother. Coupons are now essential on your trip to the store and you will buy off brand even if it’s only twenty cents cheaper.  Taking a trip to the mall isn’t an all day excursion anymore. You treat it like a black ops mission and find that sale item and get out of there before you can be lured into spending anymore.  Your mother would be proud but your teenage self is pouting in the corner.

I’ve got just the thing for that!

Remember when you could carry a clutch around and have everything you needed? Cellphone, chapstick and keys were the essentials. Well, if your purse now resembles Mary Poppins bag you’re turning into your mother.  At some point everything changes and instead of just having what we know we’ll need we carry everything anyone could ever need.  If your friend slices open her finger it’s no problem; you’ve got Band-Aids and Neosporin ready. Moms carry everything and if you find yourself fishing at the bottom of your bag and acting as savior for life’s random acts the you’re becoming your mother.

Wait what was I doing?

Do you find yourself standing in a room and blankly staring at the floor? Perhaps the most crucial sign you’re turning into your mother is when you get in a room and forget why you’re there. Some may call it age but personally I like to think I’m so busy and my mind is so full that little things just slip out. Either way you slice it, we’ve all witnessed our mother’s frustration and possible slew of curse words regarding this exact scenario.  When you find yourself staring at the bathroom cabinet just accept it; you’re turning into your mother.

The Look

Have you ever noticed how your mom can quiet a room, shut down an inappropriate conversation and end any crazy idea your dad has come up with, all without saying a word. Every mom has that one facial expression that convey’s total and complete disapproval, frustration, anger; really it’s every emotion rolled into one. “The Look” without any effort at all can make you feel like a two year old again.  Without being aware, this little trait will pop out and surprise your boyfriend, best friend and sometimes your boss. Take a long deep look in the mirror ladies, if you find the look, you’re becoming your mother.

The Mom Phrase

Whether you have children of your own or not, as we get older our vocabulary starts to change. Nothing sneaks up on you more than the classic mom phrases. Any of these sound familiar? “Am I talking to a brick wall?”, “Do I look like a maid?”, “Don’t you have anything better to do?”, “How many times do I have to tell you?”, “If I want your opinion I’ll ask for it!” and my personal favorite “I’m going to give you until the count of three… 1.. 2.. 2 and a half… 2 and three quarters” the list goes on and on. If you find that any of these sound familiar, it’s ok, you’re turning into your mother.

So ladies, any of these sound familiar? If they do then you probably are turning into your mother but that’s ok. Let’s face it, we may fight, scream and get utterly annoyed with them sometimes but at the end of the day turning into your mother is awesome. So when you find yourself giving the store clerk the look and asking your boyfriend why his socks are all over the floor, smile and remember your mom, because you’re turning into her.