Dating Etiquette For Gals


Let me just say first that the whole women coming on to men movement is bullshit.  Do I think that woman can be more aggressive than in the past- Yes, but to be the one pursuing the man?  Just plain dumb (unless you are a very skilled maneater like myself or Angelina Jolie).  So I have come up with simple dating rules to live by so listen up gals.

Quit Talking About Your Ex

Enough already.  Keep your Ex your Ex.  It is over and you have moved on- right?  One of the biggest turn off to a man is a woman who is already comparing him to her past relationships good or bad.  Even if you are talking about what your ex didn’t do and what your date has a one up on him, it is only leading him to believe that you are going to be high maintenance and hard to please, and we all know that men want everything quick and easy, including women.  So can the ex once and for all and find something else to talk about.

Don’t Bring Up SEX

Okay, so if you bring up sex in the beginning stages of dating (especially on a first date) you are more likely to find yourself being groped out in the parking lot or staring down at his exposed penis by the end of the night.  Not that you have to be a prude, or god forbid make up a 90 day rule (ugh), but don’t insinuate that you are good in bed, or let on to how many sexual partners you have had.  And if you are ever asked that question- NEVER tell. It’s irrelevant and it only gives him another way to categorize or label you- don’t do it.

Be Appreciative

Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who appreciates him.  If he is a good date, some planning and cash have gone into the evening to make you feel special and although he did those things because he wanted to, in reality he owes you nothing and you should acknowledge the effort that he put forth.  Let him open the door, pull out your chair, help you order- I know it is rare, but IF that happens, let it and just say thank you.  And if he compliments you on how you look a simple thank you will do.  DO NOT disagree with his compliment and tell him all the reasons why you are not beautiful- just say thank you damn it!

Try To Listen/ Ask Questions

I know being a woman this can be a hard thing to do and we like to believe that dates are supposed to be all about us so this one may be hard to swallow.  But this is actually for your benefit, not his.  If you are a savvy woman, and I know you are, then you know that picking men can be like shopping for good deals.  You have to look around, keep your eyes and ears peeled, and jump on the good ones.  And most importantly, you have to know what you are shopping for.  You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without knowing what you needed right?  Same with finding a man, know what you want then ask questions, listen, and then determine if that is it.  If all you want is a one night stand and your only criteria is a cute face and nice body then by all means get drunk and talk all you want, but otherwise try to listen gals!

Don’t Drink Too Much

Now this is the hard one for me because I don’t see the point in drinking unless you are going to get drunk, but this one goes hand in hand with the previous point I made.  How can you get to know who is sitting next to you if you are out of your mind drunk.  And to men drunk girl = better chance to get laid.  Nobody likes a sloppy drunk, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t do it.  If you know you are a lush, go on a coffee date or to an ice cream parlor with your date.