Things You Should Know About Dating A Writer

dating a writer

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably got in a trap and started dating a writer. Well, it does sound romantic – just remember all the Hollywood masterpieces on this topic starting from classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ending up with all-time-favorite “Gossip girl”. At the same time, Hollywood also originated many stereotypes about writers making us subconsciously ready to handle their depressions, addictions, and affairs.

So what’s standing behind the relationships with a creative person? Shall you go on with your romance or get a therapist? I’m glad to share my experiences – hopefully, there are some answers you’ve been looking for.

Going on a date with the writer may lack romantic context (or not have it at all)

Once you’re all set about the date, you may assume that your mate is in the same mood, ready to go on a love rollercoaster. Remember one thing: writers may go on the dates for sharing their thoughts or just listening to your story. Of course, they won’t ever tell you that! And by default, asking them about their romantic interests and goals on the first date is a bit… controversial.

Your romantic moments may be easily disrupted with the “creative spark”

For instance, you two go on a romantic trip. You’re about to tell him/her something important and they suddenly jump to their laptop and start typing with that psychotic smirk on their faces. Make sure you have an alternative scenario or at least bring a book to kill an hour or two.

Writers usually come as thinkers. Even when they look calm and peaceful, their brains may be super busy working on a novel or developing an inner discussion about the reasons for using edible spoons. You cannot predict an eureka moment as it may happen anywhere and anytime regardless of the circumstances. And yes, it will be very awkward – don’t roll your eyes, just give them a pen.

Start loving books if dating a writer

Most of the writers are the book worms. Otherwise, how would they get inspiration for their own texts? Here comes a tough moment: in most of the cases, you have to be there to support a discussion.

It doesn’t mean you have to come up with the identical “To Read” list. Yet, it’s better if you’re updated about all the new literature on the market and at least know some of the classics. And don’t forget about all the books by his/her favorite writer – it simply doesn’t work the other way.

They need more moments for themselves

If comparing a writer with an animal, their behavior may remind you of a cat – friendly and cute yet independent. Their work is strongly related to the environment they are in. Remember, if you were let in, your partner sacrificed the most precious thing they owned – private space.

Sometimes, it’s better to spend a few hours in separate rooms. Either your friend is working on something commercial like buy cheap essays online or on the product of their own, there are three essential things they need:

  • silence;
  • stable Wi-Fi connection;

If the relationship has just begun, don’t be stress about your date’s possible ignorance. What are the chances you became a muse for him/her? 🙂

Prepare to hear some rude comments about spelling mistakes and plot holes

No writer will ever tolerate any technical mistakes they see either in a newspaper or on the local billboards. Be careful with your own writing (e.g., texting and emails) if you don’t want to experience any sudden outbursts of anger.

Same with the movies and the books. Writers usually have an alternative version for almost everything going on around. Thus, they will keep an eye on the movie plot blaming directors for cheesy scenarios. Everything is about skepticism – learn how to handle it.

Don’t try to become one of the characters

First, you have to be honest: do you date him/her just because of their profession? Most of the people pushing their image as one of the characters have more vanity than love. It’s time to realize – writers will describe either the people they’re passionate about (which will not last long) or individuals they might portray as negative. Want to be one of those?

If you do have feelings for a person, don’t push them in any way. Even though separating their job from a romantic relationship can take some time and energy, you better support it to avoid playing a guest star in the life of your partner.

Marry the person who showed you their writing

Text is something that everybody will see sooner or later. However, before it’s published, not that many people are welcome to glance at the drafts. Writing is an intimate process of transforming one’s feelings and thoughts into emotions. If you were asked to read the results of that process, your partner or date gave everything they have to you. It’s a piece of their soul that is equal to the words “I love you”.

When dating a person of any profession, you have to be flexible with their professional habits. At the same time, they should not become an obstacle on your way to “Happy Ever After”. Try to balance and look for the good vibes – love is an open door!