Dating Ideas In Toronto


Toronto is a relatively young city, when you compare it to even its neighbors in the US – but it’s truly a beautiful sight, with planned roadways, unique and relatively new architecture, and countless landmarks and stores to visit.

Finding good date ideas in Toronto isn’t hard, no matter if you live there, or are just visiting with your partner… the beauty of the area really does speak for itself.

Fun Afternoon

Allan Gardens, located on 19 Horticultural Ave, is a must-see for those that live in Toronto, or are just visiting… even if you’ve never liked plants, this is so beautiful that if you don’t stop in, you’ll be disappointed.

Roughly 16,000 square feet is packed with seasonal plants, just an addition to their permanent collection – it boasts rare plants that live naturally all over the world, full grown trees that are well over 100 year old, and three – yes, three! – different species of squirrels, including the red tailed black squirrel, which you won’t find anywhere else around there.

After strolling through the greenhouses, and playing with the birds and animals, take your partner out to Greek town for some delicious food. Authentic Greek restaurants and cafes line the streets, along with adorable mom and pop stores that have been around for years.

It’s a fun day, where you not only learn things about plants and animals, but experience another culture as well. It truly is an unforgettable date!

Romantic Night Out

One of my favorite romantic date ideas in Toronto, this can be so much fun for you both, and create a beautiful, romantic evening to cherish for a long time.

Start the night off by going to see a show at the Canadian Opera Company, which is located in a grouping of old factories and warehouses. Make sure to call ahead and reserve tickets, as shows are often full. Get there early to talk with theatre regulars, and enjoy the atmosphere that it creates.

After, go to a restaurant of your choice – maybe there’s a romantic little place around there that you’ve been wanting to try, or perhaps someone else has recommended a beautiful little joint you’ve wanted to try.

After dinner, take a stroll around Lake Ontario – the quiet peace will make you both feel calm, and you don’t need to talk if you don’t want to, but can. The way the moon, and the stars, reflect off of the water creates more atmosphere than the most expensive furniture or art pieces. It’s beautiful, without a doubt, and an experience that your partner will treasure for a long time.


Date ideas in Toronto aren’t just fun, but they can be creative, educational, and more romantic than you can imagine. So, no matter if you live there, or if you’re visiting, give your partner the time of their life.

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