How to Date From Home: Romance in the Age of the Coronavirus


Have you ever wondered why they call it “romantic May?” It’s the most fantastic month to date with long dinners, going out for parties, meeting new friends, introducing your beau to allies at concerts, going out for movies, or shopping together, but now we have the issue of coronavirus. So, none of that is possible and finding love feels like the Wild West.

If you are looking for a relationship, you might be wondering if it’s still possible to find a partner and connect with them. If you are already in a relationship, great! But how will you keep your love alive while at home? Well, this article has you covered, so you should scroll down.

Plan to Spend Time Together

Even when you are at home, there are so many things you can do to make each other feel loved and happy. I recommend that you set up a date night. Make it special by finding something nostalgic. This will remind you why you are partners in the first place.

Watch a romantic movie like a comedy or horror flick, you choose. You could even try stargazing. When was the last time you took a look at the stars? This might be the perfect time to get a blanket, cuddle up, and watch them. Just make it cute.

Find a Dating App

If you are looking for a date while still at home, why don’t you try a Happymatches app? There are lots of them and you will be spoilt for choices. These apps will definitely make your dating easier and safer. People are on lockdown and have more free time to be online. Find your perfect match on one of these apps and enjoy yourselves.

Be Authentic and Embrace the Real You

Many businesses have been closed down including salons and beauty parlors where ladies get their makeup and hair done. The best choice is to use the resources you have available at home. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your finest, but don’t you also think this might as well be the time for you to genuinely embrace the real version of yourself? I am sure your partner would love more of this side than the other. Be natural.

Offer Yourselves Some Extra Grace

This is the best tip for anything crisis-related. When your partner wrongs you, go easy on them. Don’t try sweeping things under the rug and instead talk them out. If you feel your anger has gotten the best of you, take a pause and find something else to do. Then, after you’ve calmed down, make your point and solve your problems. You will fall in love more.

Don’t Expect Your Partner to Complete You

Your significant other might be the only person you are with at home on lockdown, but they can’t complete your every emotional need, can they? Why don’t you find other things to do like hobbies or maybe chatting with friends to offer support if you need any? This way, you won’t put a lot of pressure on your partner.


I know you love each other or you are about to fall to love. With the above tips, you might make your date at home as great as possible.

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