Have You Ever Felt Intimidated by Beautiful Women?


What if you knew the underlying problem behind feeling intimidated by beautiful women? Approaching a girl would become simply a matter of daily life. Read more to find out about how to move beyond being scared to approach women.

Are You Intimidated by Beautiful Women?

Have you ever felt intimidated by beautiful women?

You know, you’re out walking around and then you see a drop-dead gorgeous woman nearby. You want to approach but you’re mind is filled with all kinds of excuses why you shouldn’t?

First we’re going to give you a short case study that highlights a big problem for men when it comes to approaching a girl they find attractive.

A Case Study On Approaching a Girl When You’re Intimidated by Beautiful Women

Frankie is going about his day when he sees a gorgeous woman walking his way. Long legs, great body, sexy style. An intimidating beauty.

He starts running through his mind.

“What can I say?”
“What should I do?”
“I should talk to her! But how?”
“What if I mess up?”
“How can I make her like me?”

He gets stuck on thinking of the perfect thing to say so that this beautiful girl likes him. His mind races, playing all the possibilities over and over. And before he knows it, it is over.

“I should talk to her! I should talk to her! Bah! I should have talked to her!”

She’s already passed him by and he missed his chance because he got stuck in his head instead of taking action.

Once again, Frankie is left feeling like he doesn’t have what it takes to approach gorgeous women.

Scared to Approach Women?

Ever felt that way?

You see a stunningly attractive woman and your body tightens with an anxiety

Symptom: You feel nervous or anxious about approaching beautiful women.

Cause: Thinking that if you don’t make a great approach then you’ll have a tough time convincing her to like you.

“Oh no! If I’m not good at convincing her to like me with my approach then I can’t get her!”

Analysis: Most guys who struggle with women feel pressured to ‘say X’ or ‘do Y’ in order to convince each girl to like them. When it comes to meeting more women, the pressure of trying to convince each girl to like him comes out as anxiety and nervousness. Since the pressure gets worse the more a guy is attracted to a girl, these guys often end up hesitating and missing out on approaching the kind of women they really want.

This kind of guy is afraid that if he makes a mistake the girl will walk out of his life forever. It’s as if he sees girls as a special combination lock and thinks that if he doesn’t have the exact right code he can’t unlock her.

Talk about pressure!

The Underlying Problem Behind Being Scared to Approach Women Is …

Feeling the need to persuade and convince women to like you. This comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge (followed up by experience) on how to meet women without any tricks to convince and persuade her at all.