5 Ways To Suck At Meeting Beautiful Women


Want to NOT suck at meeting beautiful women? Well you’ll want to avoid these 5 common mistakes guys make when it it comes to meeting women. We’ve seen too many guys do these. Avoid them at all costs.

Try to meet beautiful women where there aren’t any women.

When it comes to meeting beautiful women, we like to meet lots of women. We like to meet really hot women. And we like to meet lots of hot women quickly. We’ve found that this is, hands-down, the most simple, fastest path to building an abundant dating life full of attractive women who really like you. Since this is our strategy, it kind of sucks when there aren’t any hot women, or even any women at all around to talk to. There’s an old saying: “Don’t go fishing in the Sahara.” There are major metropolitan cities all over the world bristling and overflowing with single, attractive women. Your job is to set up your life in such a way that you have easy access to be able to meet lots of women. If you want to suck at meeting women, then try fishing in the Sahara.

Passively read dating advice and never take action.

Another way to suck severely at meeting beautiful women is to read tons and tons of ‘pickup’ material and/or pop psychology dating advice without ever taking any action. Some people refer to this as keyboard jockeying. It’s when a guy knows everything there is to know about all sorts of hypnotic patterns, magic tricks, games and gambit, social rules and funny one-liners, yet since they never leave the house, then they never end up actually meeting any women, despite all of the seemingly useful knowledge that they’ve learned. Any pattern, trick, game, gambit, rule or one-liner that any guy knows is actually worthless until he gets up, get outs and starts talking to lots of women every single day. If you want to suck at meeting women, try reading endless tomes of Dating Advice / Pop-psychology.

Rely on your friends and ‘wingmen’ as crutches.

While we all enjoy a good fun night out with ‘da bros,’ using them as a crutch and/or an excuse to head out to talk to girls is not only inefficient, but hurts guys in the long run when it comes to meeting beautiful women. The biggest problem is that it trains you to rely on other guys in order to take action on your dating life. What happens when you see a pretty girl you’d like to meet and you’re by yourself? Heading out with the guys also brings the problem of guys stepping on each other’s egos as they go about trying to talk to girls. Meeting women goes from searching for a high quality, living breathing beautiful woman to relate with and moves towards competing with other guys to see who has the biggest… skillset. The result is lower quality women for everyone. Also, there’s the issue of the dudes we hang out with being actually, genuinely more interesting and fun to talk to than any women at the given venue… This leads to endless circle-jerk chode-crystal tribing without anyone putting their balls on the line to go meet new women. If you want to suck at meeting women, rely on your other male friends and only meet women when you’re together in a frat pack.

Become dependent on certain situations/locations for meeting beautiful women.

A problem that’s kind of like a better, evolved version of ‘fishing in the Sahara’ is get stuck only being able to approach women in one environment. For example, a guy might only feel comfortable talking to women in a bar because he’ll tell himself the excuse that “Women come here to meet guys.” And while he might actually be great at meeting women in bars all around town, he gets lead-feet when he see a hottie walking down the aisle at a grocery store. Some guys are okay with this because they can satisfy all their goals with dating and women simply with one type of environment. The problem comes in when they get stuck and dissatisfied with their women and are unwilling to step outside their literal comfort zone. If you want to suck at meeting women, stay trapped in the little bubble where you know meeting beautiful women is safe and happy.

Let your excuses prevent you from meeting beautiful women.

Probably the best way to suck at meeting women, however, is developing the bad habit of consistently letting any number of BS excuses stop you from approaching women. We’ve all done it at some point or another, so we all know what it sounds like. “I’m too busy reading the ingredient list on this soda pop can to go and talk to her,” or “She’s absolutely stunning, but she’s walking so fast I would have to run to catch up with her,” or “She smiled at me, but I think it’s because I’m having a bad hair day… So I’m not gonna go talk to her.” If you want to suck at meeting women, then make ridiculous, hilarious excuses to not go and talk to any given woman that you find attractive.