3 Simple Tips To Remember When Calling A Girl


So how do you follow up on all those phone numbers you got by now that you’re bringing so many new women into your life using the advice in Loveawake blog?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details of our comprehensive system for dealing with calling a girl, here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind. These are applicable whenever you call a girl to ask her out and schedule a date, and they’re probably useful in most other calling situations as well.

Always Smile When Calling A Girl

It’s important to smile on the phone. As the old saying goes, “They can hear your smile over the phone.” While calling, we want to give off a friendly vibe without getting caught up in small talk or conversation. We want the call to be short and to the point – schedule the date in a friendly, prompt manner, while saving all the questions, answers, jokes, humor and stories for the date itself. Best way to do that is to simply smile while you’re on the phone, and allow your voice to carry that levity with it.

Look In The Mirror When Calling A Girl

The next tip for calling a girl is to look in the mirror. This helps because you can make sure you are relaxed and speaking naturally. Seeing yourself smiling will help you internalize the kind of positive vocal tonality that you project into the phone call. Or, if you’re not smiling, looking at your dour face will quickly give you the swift kick to the pants you need to remember to show them pearly whites. Watch yourself, relax your shoulders and smile.

Stand Up While Talking On The Phone

Standing while talking gives you more authority, resonance and voice projection. It also makes it easier to breathe properly and thus speak properly. Stand up with your phone in hand, face the mirror, smile, dial her number, speak slowly with a friendly tone and keep the conversations short, polite and to-the-point. Schedule a date with her (or not, depending on her response), then get off the phone. Write down anything important about the phone call and then go to the next date prospect in your list of numbers and give her a call.

Repeat this until you’ve called all the numbers on your prospect list, then head out, go meet some more women and hustle some new phone numbers.

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