Making Girls Laugh And Dating


Everyone loves having a fun, hilarious time with their date. Today you can read a few huge tips to help you build the kind of easy-going relationships filled with laughter with the high value women you want.

How To Start Making Girls Laugh on Dates

We already have covered “why” making your dates laugh is important. So let’s get down to the general idea of “how” to be funny and make them laugh.

Before continuing, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, humor is a massive topic. As always, test out what works for you personally – find your own personal style of humor and making people laugh. What works for us may not be your cup of tea. With that being said, here are some pointers on how to build your A-Ha-Ha Game.

Pro Tip: It’s Easier To Make Some Girls Laugh Than Others

To get your dates laughing, you need to start off by talking to lots of women and finding ones that like you. Nothing begins until you find one that likes you right from the kickoff.

Remember that if she’s into you, she’ll laugh at jokes everyone else might think are lame (yourself included). This is good – she’s one of the ones we’re looking for. Likewise, you could be spouting some of the most hilarious comedic gold ever to grace this planet, but if she’s just not into you, she’ll be able to keep a straight face the whole.

If she’s not laughing, you’re not doing it right… Though it may not be your fault. First things first – find the right women to work with.

Some Tips For Sharpening Your Wit

Once you’ve found one that gives you her attention, avoid heavy topics (war, religion, politics, complaining) while sticking to light, funny and playful topics.

We like witty quips, obvious misunderstandings, deadpan psyche-outs, absurd juxtapositions, cultural references and even some puns, but what works for us may not work for you.

If it gets her laughing, you’re doing it right.

To further boost your skills, we recommend joining an improv comedy group. Check your local theaters and university. Also, while Toastmasters teaches speaking and presentation skills, it’s also a great place to give your funny bone a work out.

Practice not only with your dates, but with your guy friends as well. Give each other typical questions women ask when they first meet you or on first dates (ie, “Nice to meet you, you from around here?”) and try to make each other laugh with your answers.

Bust out a notebook, pens, pencils, colored markers and watch some pro comedians. Seriously engage in what they’re doing – don’t just sit there and laugh. While it might be more fun to just passively watching them because they’re funny, it doesn’t teach squat. Bring a level of effort and consciousness to the project.

Learning humor isn’t always pretty – jokes crash and burn, then pass on to joke-heaven. And it’s all good, because as we practice more and more, making girls laugh becomes more instinctual.

Our minds are always searching, always looking for some unexpected, ridiculous angle to spin and turn any situation into something hilarious. Just like playing outfield, doing calculus or meeting and dating high value women, humor is a learn-able, practicable skill in which the rewards are dictated by the amount of effort put into the endeavor.

So get up, get out, go meet more women every day, and practice making girls laugh.

Does Making Girls Laugh Cause Attraction? Or Does It Even Matter?

Making girls laugh is one of the most important, and least understood parts of dating. Join us to learning the truth behind making girls laugh and dating.

Before answering why making girls laugh is important, we need to take a look at the whole “laughing doesn’t cause attraction” thing that is so common in men’s dating advice.

In a sense, we agree that humor isn’t a “turn-on” for women in the sense of “if she doesn’t like you, making her laugh will change everything.” That’s just not how it works.

However, humor IS an extremely valuable and versatile tool for meeting women, dating and relating – we’ll get to why in a bit.

For now, all of our research points to this one overarching idea – attraction just doesn’t come into the picture as a concept that is useful for meeting and dating high quality women. In many ways, it’s a bygone conclusion. You find an overload of junky info about “sparking attraction,” “building attraction,” “Displaying high value to create attraction” and a whole bunch of other weird stuff that we’ve found simply isn’t even necessary for guys who want to meet and date really hot women. We’ve found that guys can get a whole lot better with women fast by dropping the concept of “sparking attraction”

But Isn’t The Goal Of Making Girls Laugh Attraction?

Who ever said attraction was the end goal?

Just the opposite, in fact.

Attraction is actually the ticket to the show – without some mutual chemistry between both you and the girl, nothing can start.

That’s why we don’t bother with girls who aren’t into us right from the start – since our research shows that screening out women who aren’t attracted to us actually makes it much easier for normal guys to meet and date *really* hot women who actually like them. No need to even worry about the whole “building attraction,” “sparking attraction” or any other “attraction” related issue besides how she receives us (or not) when we talk to her.

The ones who are into us have a set pattern of behavior that’s far more useful than slapping on the label “attraction.” For example, the ones who are into us will stop and talk, give us their phone numbers, accept date offers and show up to the date.

And the craziest part?

Check this out: When girls are really into you, making girls laugh becomes incredibly easy.

We don’t know how, we don’t know why, but we’re subjectively funnier to both our dates, ourselves, and the people around when the girl with us is really into us.

Now, we’ve removed “attraction” from the GOAL part of the equation, let’s return to the whole “laughing doesn’t cause attraction” bit. While that may be accurate, it doesn’t matter since it’s easier to date high quality women by not dealing with issues related to “sparking attraction.”

We highly recommend making girls laugh on dates for the following reasons:

Making Girls Laugh Is A Versatile Skill

Humor supplements and improves every type of “game,” no matter what it is, be it fuzzy-top-hat-pickup-artist game, ALPHA-TOUGH-GUY-SMASH game, frat-boy-pretending-to-be-a-firetruck “natural” game, or simply meeting a lot of women as an Amazing Man.

No matter the image, no matter the game model, no matter how you’re meeting women – humor is pure gravy! It makes things better no matter how it’s served!

Likewise, few life skills can serve us better in all situations than learning how to make people laugh – and while it’s super effective in the realm of dating, it goes way beyond too. Learning how to make people laugh in general is a great life skill to build – when you’re out meeting women or out on dates, it’s a perfect opportunity to give making her laugh a spin.

Making Girls Laugh Makes Everything Easier

As we’ve said above, making girls laugh doesn’t necessarily mean more or less attraction. Since we recommend screening out women who aren’t into you right at the start, “attraction” doesn’t matter.

At all.

So, while there may be a bunch of pseudo-scientific evidence that supports the idea that “attraction needs to be sparked,” our research tracking stats while talking to 30 women a day shows that attraction is either there or it’s not. And IF it is there, then making her laugh will simply amplify it. If it’s not there then making her laugh (along with pretty much everything else) will do nothing. Worst of all, trying to “spark attraction” with a girl who already likes you will simply create a whole mess of problems that never needed to exist in the first place (most of the problems that the pick up artists deal with stem from this).

So how can you smoothly let an interaction with a beautiful woman move forward without needing to worry about “sparking attraction” or messing things us by trying to “spark attraction”?

Make her laugh!

We bond with those we laugh with. We’re more interested in them. Laughing leads to simply having a fun, relaxing, happy, hilarious time with our dates.

Laughter is like the lubricant that keeps this all smooth. When she’s laughing and when we’re laughing, we’re really enjoying life as it is, right there and then. That is, unless your goals in life don’t involve laughing and having a good time with the people (in which case you might want to consider re-evaluating your goals).

Making Her Laugh Neutralizes Her Trying To Be Serious

Serious is NOT funny.

When guys get all serious and vomit their personal information all their dates, it totally drives her interest in them down.

Like, really far down.

So far down, it might be deep enough to awaken a Balrog in the Mines of Moria (Hooray Lord of the Rings references!).

As such, answering her information eliciting questions (“What do you do?” / “Do you always say that to girls?”) seriously tends not to work in our favor. Basically, in the vast majority of cases, talking “serious-talk” to a woman is a sure-fire way to mess things up with her whether it’s during the approach or during a date.


Witty is best, but if you can’t do witty yet, respond with something off the wall.

Get absurd. Get ridiculous. Not so ridiculous that she isn’t laughing (remember, making her laugh is always the point of anything you say).

Look to cultivate an attitude towards your dates that’s closer to messing with a goofy little sister than getting all caught up in SRSBSNS and getting hypnotized by her nice body. Once again, all this will NOT work however if the woman you’re with has an agenda, isn’t into you or the two of you simply don’t share chemistry. And that’s okay! It simply means you have to get up, get out and go meet more women – the basic building block and key to dating success for us all.