Mobile Phone Etiquette While Dating


Good mobile phone etiquette while dating is essential for a man to understand how to date high value women AND how to find high value women. Read exactly what to do…

We recommend the following: Keep your smartphone completely out of sight the entire time you’re with your date. In fact, best to turn it off. At the very least, put it on manner mode while keeping it 100% out of sight the whole time.

Deviate from that at your own risk.

More interesting is how we deal with this behavior from the women we’re dating. Let’s say she pulls out her phone while sitting down for a first date at a coffee shop.

Do me a favor, will you? When we’re together, turn off your phone. That way we can focus on enjoying our time together. Thanks. I will now let you dominate me in every other way for the duration of our relationship. Cool.

That’s how most of us tend to handle it.

One of our guys tend to be a little more, how shall we say… hardcore about the whole thing.

The first time she picks up her phone to answer it, he’ll raise an eyebrow and smile softly. The smart ones, the observant ones, notice that right away, and bury the phone on their own volition. The oblivious ones continue right along.

The second time the oblivious ones reach for their phone, he simply stands up and says,

Obviously your business on your phone is very important to you, so how about I let you handle it without interruption. I had a fun time. Bye.

And he walks away without looking back.

Mobile Phone Etiquette While Dating

Breeding, manners, and class make their appearance early on in the relationship – thus one of the major themes we love to discuss here is Identifying how to spot red flags.

Sure, there are exceptions to this ‘rule.’

For example, if she were to put her smartphone on the table when the date starts and says,

Excuse me, I’m normally not this rude, but I am expecting an important business call from my main supplier in China and I have to arrange for the delivery of quite a large sale for my company. I am sorry if it interrupts our time together; it’s my work.


I’m really happy to see you today. My Mother might call during our time together as my Father is just getting out of surgery and I really hope he is okay. Is it alright with you if I keep my phone here, just in case?

Those kinds of preambles get her a pass.

We’ve had girls who’ve dated us for months who don’t even know what our phones look like (talk about being a mystery to women!).

We recommend you do the same.

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