Get that “in Love” Feeling Back!


Over time, your bond with your sweetheart has strengthened. You’ve grown more comfortable with one another, and now you know for certain that you have someone dependable by your side. You are, however, plagued by one issue: after arguments, the friction between you two tends to last for a while, and you contemplate why you even stick around. Your partner is no longer the muse you once regarded him or her as.

There is hope though. There are ways for you to keep your relationship exciting and maintain a fond image of your partner. It simply depends on the health of your relationship. If your relationship contains verbal or physical abuse, constant arguments and/or cheating, couples’ therapy or ending the romance altogether could be the best solution. On the other hand, if your romance needs little to no work, below are some suggestions to regain the infatuation.

  • Avoid unnecessary fights. If you and your companion usually get along well, then starting arguments over petty issues will only make your relationship more problematic and less fun for the both of you. You two will grow tired of each other quickly if you are constantly bickering, which is why it is best to reserve the anger for times when it is actually warranted.
  • Remind yourself of why you were drawn to your other half. When you think of all the qualities that made you fall in love with your romantic companion, you will most likely be dreaming of him or her again. As Voltaire once said, “Love has features [that] pierce all hearts […] he wears a bandage [that] conceals the faults of those beloved.” And it is true; when you love someone, it is best to ignore his or her flaws, unless they are deal breakers, because there are more pros than cons to his or her personality.
  • Do fun things. When you and your partner get out of the house and enjoy adventures together, you both not only bond but also add extra thrill to your relationship. This exhilarating feeling may relieve any unwanted tension between the two of you, bringing warm, blissful emotions back.
  • Show your partner you care. You and your other half may find each other’s company even more delightful than usual when you periodically recognize each other’s strengths as people. This can be done through your giving of cards or letters, in which you each acknowledge each other’s virtues, or verbal statements that do the same. Your expressing your appreciation for your partner may make him or her elated as well as encourage your sweetheart to maintain or improve his or her persona.

As you can see, the key to possessing that “in love” feeling is to keep your relationship as light and fun as possible. Your having a positive attitude also helps. After all, we all have flaws, and every relationship has its dilemmas, but that does not mean that no one will make your dating experience worthwhile. As long as you remain calm and don’t regard every minor mishap as a catastrophe, you and your partner will remain content together.

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