“Living The Dream”


The fact that you wrote “living the dream” on your dating profile means you aren’t.

Many online daters seem to be “living the dream.” Women and men on dating sites all over say something similar, “My life is great, just living the dream.” Looking for love online is living the dream? You have awful dreams. Not sure if you are getting too much light in your bedroom or staying up later than you should, but you need to get better sleep at night because your dreams aren’t supposed to be more boring than your reality.
If you told me, “Dude I’m living on a yacht in the Caribbean and last week I had sex with Kim Kardshian. I got 6-pack abs from pancakes.” I would say, “Damn, your life is like a dream” and you would say, “I know, I’m living it bro.”
Filling out a dating profile and saying “living the dream” by itself means you aren’t living your dreams, unless you dream of filling out a dating profile, uploading pictures, and sending emails to total strangers looking for companionship. I don’t dream like that. In my dreams I have sex with NFL cheerleaders on spaceships, but maybe in your dreams you’re emailing people within a 15-mile radius on a dating site to meet at Panera Bread. I guess some of us dream differently.
My friend Ray is online dating and his profile says “My life is great, just living the dream” but he works in tech support. That’s terrible; he dreams of de-fragmenting hard drives and explaining how to clear a browsers cache to end-users. Seems more like a nightmare than a dream. If that were how I dreamed, pretty sure I would try to stay awake for the rest of my life. I would try to wake up immediately from that dream, “Crap, I’m dreaming about virus software again. I have to get up!”
Dating profiles should be more honest“Listen, I’m online dating so my life hasn’t worked out how I wanted. Last night I dreamed I was wrestling Jessica Alba on a cloud made of green money. Today I’m wrestling with the fact that I borrowed money from my mom to pay for this dating service. If this is living the dream, then someone please kill me now.”

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Lesson: Honestly I think people that actually live their dreams do no talk about it – they are doing it. If I were living my dream I would be on that island with that girl and nobody would ever hear from me again, but here I am writing this post…trying to live my dreams.