How to Make Your Man Addicted to Going Down on You


According to a recent survey by V For Vibes people become addicted to anything that consistently satisfies four or more of six basic human needs. In order to make anyone addicted to doing anything, you just need them to associate that behaviour with at least four things: feeling important, being excited, being certain and comfortable, and feeling love and connection. Surely these are easy things to make a person feel during sex! If you can make your man fulfil these needs consistently whenever he goes down on you, he’ll start to look forward to it more and more as a source of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Make Him Feel Significant

Do you make your man feel more important when he goes down on you? Do you praise him, and tell him that he’s the only one who has ever made you feel that way? Or are you afraid to praise him in case he gets “ahead of himself”?  Making him feel important during sex is probably the most important way to get him to enjoy it more, and to give more to you.

Give Him Excitement

How do you respond during his offering of sensual massage? Do you hold your breath until you orgasm, and hold back the sounds of pleasure you could be making? Do you lie the same way every time, or do you move your hips differently one day, and ask him to position himself differently the next? Get him to do it in different areas of the house, and be creative with the way you respond to him. He should never know how you’re going to react to anything he does –  the fun is in watching your reaction (it’s beautiful).

Allow Him to Feel Certain

Your man has to know that every time he goes down on you, he will get some sort of positive response. Even if it’s not always as great as you would like, you have to make him feel that he has a power there that works consistently. If he is unsure about what your response will be when he goes down, he’ll be less likely to look forward to it. Praise him each and every time, and be genuine about your enjoyment.

Make Him Feel Connected

Simple: “Baby, I love you so much when you do that.” Make him feel like by doing this he is getting closer to you. Everyone wants love, so be loving when you’re getting what you want.

Show Him That He is Improving

Let him know that not only is he great at what he does, but he’s getting better all the time. Men love missions, so if he feels like he’s progressing with every session, he’ll be aching to do it again and again.  Tell him that you’re worried that he’s getting too good – you’ll be surprised by how much more enthused he will become.

Let Him Know How Much It Contributes To Your Life

Tell him about how relaxed you felt all day because of your morning oral-sex session. Make him feel like you really appreciated it, because it added value to your day. Men love to be in a position of contributing and providing, so let him know that he contributes to your mood every time he goes down.