Use Astrology in When Dating


One subject I touch on regularly during dating is astrology. I believe I first got the idea from reading about palmistry and tarot on the Fastseduction website back in my early days, but I’ve always had an interest in astrology and I naturally integrated this knowledge. Astrology is a great way to cold read because it gives you invaluable information about your subject…basically, you get her sign and you’ve instantly got a boatload of personality and value information about her. From there you’re off to the races.

There are twelve signs and it’s a piece of cake to memorize a few characteristics about each one. Obviously, the one to start with is your own. I’m a Gemini and I’ve read numerous articles and book chapters on male Gemini characteristics, and every time I’m blown away with how insightful these descriptions are. Some of the revelations are so powerful that I’ve had to go back and re-evaluate parts of my life through my Gemini lens.

Oh yes, in case you didn’t know, astrology is major chick crack.

Out of the hundreds of girls I’ve talked to about astrology, only ONE has ever said, “I’m not into astrology, let’s talk about something else.” I’ve had girlfriends who swear by it and I’ve generated great attraction just by spitting out a ten second cold read based on her sign. I want to emphasize this: If you do nothing else with astrology, at least research YOUR OWN SIGN. You’ll be amazed at what you learn. There are tons of sites you can browse to learn more about the sun signs and I’ll share some of my favorites at the bottom of the article. For now I’d like to show you the cheat sheet I whipped up:


Born leader. Energetic, daring, direct, independent, fearless. Sometimes not detail oriented or has problems with follow-through. Often times doesn’t work well in teams or for a boss. Adventurous and likes to travel. Yikes, Aries is fiery in in the bedroom! Gets along well with Geminis (air and fire make an explosive combo).


Cautious, practical, purposeful, strong willed, bullheaded, patient. Rock solid character. Sometimes too prideful or obstinate. Doesn’t change mind easily.


Communicators, often great talkers or writers. Seeks knowledge, soaks up new experiences. Quick witted, clever, witty, youthful, likes banter. Sometimes flighty, flaky, or too uprooted, and seemingly superficial. ADAPTABLE. Love of reading, writing, travel, and adventure. Gems make excellent seducers and are very social.


motional, caring, nurturing, loyal, maternal, generous, intuitive, emotional supporters, adaptable. Also quite social. Cancers are usually good cooks!


Warm, bright, motivated, strong willed, big hearted, generous. LOYAL. Sometimes dramatic or showy, or needs to have the last word. Gems and Leos are attracted to each other and have rockin’ sex.


Perfectionist, virtuous, analytical, organized, tidy, meticulous, detail oriented. Critical thinkers, sometimes too critical or rigid. Keen intellect. Loves to help with little projects, often called servile. Gems and Virgos don’t mesh well at all in dating, but can often be great friends. Virgos are a little too meticulous for my tastes.


Smart, intellectual, intelligent, brainy, good talkers. Charming, nice, and harmonious. Often good socializers. Elegant, stylish, tasteful.


Magnetic, determined, sexy, cool, passionate, emotional, very loyal. Can be very good manipulators of people. Sometimes ruthless or holds grudges. I have several Scorpio friends and they’re people I want on my side. I don’t get along well with them romantically, although they’re awesome in the sack.


Upbeat, confident, cocky, lucky, enthusiastic, ambitious. Needs freedom. Sometimes gambles or takes risks. Sags are sometimes psychic! Ask about this and see what kind of response you get.


Practical, effective, methodical, hard working, ambitious. Down to earth. Cautious, sometime lacking in confidence. Takes time to get to know them. Self-sufficient. Trustworthy.


Unique, independent, marches to the beat of a different drummer. Honest and clear. Attracted to people and social issues. Great communicators and thinkers. Idealistic. Sometimes opinionated to a fault.


Spiritual, loving, intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, willing to help. Sometimes indecisive and hyper sensitive. Often great artists and visionaries. Idealistic.

If you know anything about astrology, you’ll realize that my list is not even close to being comprehensive. Heck, it may not even be totally accurate! That’s okay. For the purposes of a quick cold read and pumping up your convo, a list like this is just fine. As you can probably tell already, there are several ways to apply this knowledge. First off, use it to interject a cold read into your interaction. The simplest way is to simply ask for her sign (if you’re really good, get her birth date and then tell her what her sign is). She gives you the sign and you give her a quick cold read along these lines: “Oh wow, you’re a Scorpio! That means you’re sexy and determined, but ruthless. Yeah, you’re going to be trouble.” So there you’ve done a quickie cold read and flirted a bit.

The majority of the time I’ll get the following reaction: surprise and delight. Men are rarely into astrology and women always are. Once you’ve done the read, you can start an conversational threads about astrology, Scorpio women in general, and compatibility. Sun sign compatibility can be found on every horoscope site on the Internet, so I recommend looking up who you’re compatible with. For instance, I know that Gems are romantically compatible with Aries, Leos, Aquarius, and Sagittarius (to varying degrees). If I meet a Leo in-field, you can bet I’m going direct on her about our potential compatibility. In fact, I actively look for girls who I’m compatible with via the Zodiac, simply because I know the gaming will be easier and the sex will be off the charts. If you’re into running online game, such as on a dating site or Myspace, you simply look up her sign and embed the info into your emails. I’ll even use it as a opener, “Hey Spicy Girl128, you know Gems and Aquarians get along great, right? Blah blah blah.” One of the best seductions I ever did was on a smoking hot Virgo I met while running. After getting her contact info, I looked up all the info I could about seducing Virgo women (there’s a wealth of stuff out there). One thing I found is that Virgos are great helpers. If you have a little project you need to finish, Virgos are keen to help and for whatever reason derive value from the act of helping. Well, on my first date with the Virgo hottie, I stopped by her house and had her help me wrap a gift and decorate a gift bag that I was giving a co-worker later on that night (we were going to an auction/dinner together). This worked like gangbusters. It generated attraction and allowed us to spend time iso-ed before the date. I also found out that Virgos are attracted to the color blue, so I wore a kickass blue shirt. She complimented me on it as soon as she saw it. The rest of the date went awesomely and I got the full close.