Every Single Mom Deserves A Social Life And Here’s How To Get One


You have to spend a lot of time with your kids, right? That’s what being a single mom is all about. They always come first. You need to be there for them every step of the journey. But then what? You feel trapped. You being to lose the other things in life that matters to you: friends and relationships. The last thing you want is to get old and regret your social life when you look back. Nobody deserves that, including you.

You need to take charge. Reclaim the social life you deserve. Sure, you will definitely need assistance. Every single mom does. But people will be happy to help if you ask them. Try to convince yourself it’s in your best interests. It’s hard for some people. They’ll tell themselves in a few years they will start to claw back their life. Years turn to decades. Suddenly the kids have left home and you’re all alone. If you want your life back, here’s some tips to do it.

Online is new and exciting

Internet dating is absolutely booming right now and it’s a perfect way for busy moms to meet someone. You don’t have to leave the house while you’re getting to know them. Just send a few emails and eventually move up to the phone call stage, all while the kids are sleeping in bed. Once you are absolutely sure you want to meet someone, just pop out for a quick coffee. You can either do it while the kids are at school, or at the weekend while they are at an activity club.

Beg your mom to take them

I’m sure you won’t need to beg, but you can try to arrange something where you get to go out once per week. If you decide to go out drinking at night, the kids could probably stay for the night at mom’s. But if you’re just going out for a game of tennis on a Wednesday night, you can pick them up on the way home. I’m sure you don’t want to bother your mom, but once per week is definitely not being too cheeky. Of course this option won’t be available if they stay too far away. Maybe pay a babysitter.

Take your children with you

Just because you’re looking after the kids, it doesn’t mean you have to sit in the house. Ask a friend to go out somewhere and you can both take the kids along. Try to do this as much as possible and it will keep everyone happy. There’s tons of things you can do and it’s still possible to get 5 minutes away from them. Take them to a playground and I bet they won’t be anywhere near you until it’s time to go home.

Don’t waste money

It’s sometimes hard to socialize because you maybe can’t afford to take part in more expensive activities. Do you feel like your friends don’t understand? All you need to do is ask them to do some things that don’t cost a lot of money. The last thing you need is to run low on cash and not have any food to put on the table. It will never come to that as long as you don’t do anything that costs too much. Even better, try to do as much free things as you can. Everyone loves free.

Engage with others like you

If you look online you will find a great support network of single moms on special websites and forums. If anyone can help you achieve a great social life it’s definitely people who have been through it before. They will know all the tips and tricks. I suppose that’s the great thing about the Internet, everyone just wants to help each other. So whether you are having second thoughts or just need some tips, your new friends will always be there for you.