How To Get A Girl To Dance With You In A Club


Lots of guys want to know how to get a girl to dance with you. This article is going to cover the problem of getting women to dance with you who are already on the dance floor without having to learn to club dance amazingly. Though learning how to dance won’t hurt, it’s not a necessity.

Yeah you have got to have balls of steel to do this, but I like to make this blog suited to both experienced guys as well as beginners. So if this little tip is something you find a little too challenging then by all means come back to it sometime in the future. The near future hopefully… 🙂

This is by all means not the only way to get a girl to dance with you. However I do believe it’s very effective and if used correctly can cause immediate attraction towards you from the women you are going after. Plus if it works you suddenly find yourself dancing with the girl you want.

I bet you are keen to know how to get a girl to dance with you when she is already on the dance floor. You have probably been in a situation in the past where you wanted to dance with a girl, but just didn’t know how to go about it without looking like a fool.

Well it’s quite simple really… you start dancing, when you see an attractive girl you want to dance with, you go up to them, take their hand and spin them towards you and start dancing with them.

Yes it’s scary if you’ve never done it before, but it works like a charm.

And if she doesn’t want to dance with you (this is the rare exception by the way). She will just not spin round when you lead her hand. Turn away and find the next girl you want to dance with. No great shakes.

See when it comes to getting a girl who is already dancing, you can’t stop her and talk as she won’t appreciate the interruption to her having fun.

Instead you need to match her energy levels. She’s already dancing; you’re already dancing.

By taking her hand and spinning her around straight away you are making it abundantly clear that you are dancing with them. She won’t be thinking, “Is this guy trying to dance with me or what”. You are being a dominant leader, and most girls will follow that lead.

The good thing is, women love men who know exactly what they want. They especially like men who know what they want and just go for it. So by doing this, you demonstrate qualities that women love. If you wanna learn more about about value then check out how to demonstrate value.

Straight away you’re coming across as a confident guy, someone who won’t let anything phase him. Women love guys who are confident. I have said it before and I will say it again: confidence is a very attractive trait to demonstrate to a girl.

So now you know how to get a girl to dance with you if she is already strutting her stuff. Next time your on the dance floor and you want to dance with a particular girl then give this method a try. It’s a bit ballsy yes, and may be a bit intimidating, but just give it a go and see how you get on.

There is no failure, there is only feedback.

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