7 Ways Successful People Naturally Demonstrate Higher Value


Have you ever wondered why girls go for successful guys? Most people think it’s because they are gold-diggers and just want an easy life. However this is not why successful people are attractive to women. That’s mistaking the smoke for the fire. The real reason is that successful people have a tendency to naturally demonstrate higher value. Their whole lives are higher value than most and they demonstrate this in their actions.

When I talk about successful people here, I am talking about people who have gone out and got success on their own. It is these people that demonstrate the principles that are so attractive to women.

Here is a list of the top 7 ways successful people demonstrate higher value:

#1 Passion

Successful people are always passionate about what they do. You can’t achieve greatness in something you don’t have a passion for. Women love passionate guys, because it shows that they care about something. In a woman’s mind they believe that because they care about certain things, they are more likely to care about them.

#2 Determination

Being determined is such a key factor in success. Determination is the ability to do something until you are successful. This is very attractive to women because it shows that you are strong willed and willing to put in the effort to get success. This includes being determined to get what you want in life. Whether that is a successful business or success with women, either way they will find it very attractive.

#3 Focus

If you are a focused individual then when you set yourself a goal all you are worried about is achieving said goal. In a woman’s eye this shows that whenever the need arrives in a relationship (such as paying for bills, etc) you will focus on getting the situation sorted. Women want this security and having the focus to make sure you provide this is very attractive indeed.

#4 Creativity

Women love guys who are creative. Being creative allows you to show a side of yourself that others might never see otherwise. Being creative allows you to add value to a girls life, because you maybe showing her something that no other guy has shown her before.

#5 Self Improvement

Nothing is less attractive than a guy who is happy just being bog standard. Women want guys who are willing to always try to improve themselves. Everyone has the ability to improve no matter how great they are and to women this is important cause it shows that you are willing to improve to make both your life and hers better.

#6 Hard work

Hard work is where most people become successful. Very rarely in life do you get something for nothing and so we need to work on it. If you are willing to put in the hard work when it comes to other aspects of your life such as business, health, etc then you are more likely to put the effort in to make a relationship work. Women will pick up on this and therefore want to be with you.

#7 Bounce Back-ability

If something goes wrong they don’t let it affect them. Instead they look at how they can overcome the problem and and logically understand what they can do to improve. With women being able to overcome problems is very attractive because you are able to handle the difficult parts of a relationship well. If something goes tits up, you will look to sort things out and therefore you can get the relationship on track. Women will appreciate this.

Final thoughts

There you have it. I think guys find it difficult to look past the fancy cars, houses and pimp lifestyles when it comes to successful people. They can’t see the above qualities that have helped put them where they are. It’s these qualities that make them attractive to women and not the possessions they have due to their success.

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