7 Reasons Style Will Get You Girls


If I asked the women you know if you had good style, what would they tell me? And no, your mom doesn’t count 🙂 You see, style matters, but not as much as the media, fashion corporations and indeed women would have you believe…

Good style gets you a foot in the door. That’s its purpose for our goals.

If you have bad style, then it can put women off from the start. It’s not personal; they have to filter out all the guys that try for their attention.

Looks in guys are seriously overrated. Things like leadership, decision making, the awesome things you do, what you have achieved in your life, etc are much more important in communicating that you are an attractive, powerful, masculine dude.

Style gives you the chance to show her the rest of you

If you fail the ‘style test’ (and women will judge you on this within a fraction of a second of meeting you), then you are setting yourself up for a huge challenge right from the start. Fine if you’re a masochist and like to get shot down, but not good if, like me, you want success with as little effort as possible.

Why is Style so important

There are a number of reasons why you should get your style sorted. Here are 7 of the most important.

Feeling better about yourself

Let’s be honest, if you walked outside with a white t-shirt on with food stains down the front you are not gonna feel particularly good about yourself. If you feel crap about yourself then you are not very likely to wanna go out let alone approach women.

If you instead go out with clehttp://approach womenan, smart clothes that suit you, then you are going to feel great about yourself. If you feel great then you are much more likely to approach women in a better frame of mind and thus have more success.

More confidence

This builds on from the first point. If you wear clothes that look the business and make you feel good about yourself, then you are going to have more confidence.

Everyone struggles with confidence from time to time so having something that can give you a little confidence with little effort is totally worth it.

The extra confidence you gain from this may be the difference between approaching that hottie in the corner of the room or just sitting on your ass gazing from afar.

First impression needs to be good

Having a great sense of style automatically puts you in an advantageous position. When people see you they get a first impression that is hard, if not impossible, to change.

Now I am not talking about looks here. If you see a tramp you don’t say “Bloody hell he’s ugly”. However you do assume he is a vagrant by the way he is dressed. People will make the same judgements about you so make sure you are dressed to impress.

It shows you care

If you take pride in your appearance then it shows you care. You care enough to put in that effort to make yourself look smart.

Women will automatically assume that if you take care of yourself then you are much more likely take care of them. Remember women want someone who will protect them.

Protecting women isn’t just about going ‘Chuck Norris’ on someones ass if they attack her. It’s about making her feel that you care about what happens to her. If you don’t care about yourself much then what are the chances you are going to care about her?

Women love fashion

We all know women love fashion. They buy fashion magazines and absorb every little thing about fashion. Therefore they tend to respect guys who have a good sense of fashion.

If you go out with the right look, women are going to look and think “Mmmm that guy is well dressed”. Obviously that is going to work in your favour… 🙂

Increase your chances of getting laid

This is something I actually didn’t know until very recently.  It seems in every sample of population there are the rare 1-5% of women who are willing to sleep with you based only on your ‘style avatar’ (i.e. what you represent by your style).

This makes sense if you think about it. Emo girls tend to go for emo guys. Rock chicks for rockers. Club chicks for meat-heads. They represent that small percentage.

Ok, so 1-5% is not a lot, but maybe today’s your lucky day. All because you took a little time and effort to make sure you are looking at your best.

Stand out from the crowd

Now I don’t mean crazy-ass peacocking here. Wearing women’s clothing for example will get you noticed but not for the right reasons.

What I mean is stand out from the huge number of guys who are walking around clueless when it comes to style. They look average, dull, boring. Without knowing all the secrets to style they will get lost in the noise as you rise above it.

This in turn will make you stand out to women. You will be the one women pick up on their radar and that will make them more open to you approaching them.

Final thought

As you can see there are a number of benefits to being a man with great style. If the way you look can give you an advantage when it comes to attracting women, it would make sense to take advantage of that fact, right?

For such a little effort, I think it’s well worth taking the time to get your style sorted and reap all the benefits we have listed here.

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