7 Things To Do Today To Become a Better Man


Although you don’t actually have to do all of these in one day, you could. These are 7 things that I have been doing over the last few years that have really helped me improve with women.

If you can take these things on board then your ability to meet and attract women will skyrocket.

#1 – Get Some Style

Go out and get a decent haircut. Go buy some clothes that really suit you. You need to make sure that you look the part because it will give you that edge over the competition.

Having great style shows that you care about yourself and the way you look. If you care about yourself then you are more likely to care about the her. She will find this very attractive.

#2 – Get down the gym

Now I don’t mean you can get into shape in one day. What I am saying is either start going down the gym or get down there and do some exercise if you already do.

Remember you don’t have to go down the gym, you could start exercising at home. Or you could incorporate exercise into your daily life, like cycling to work.

Being in shape has the same effect as getting style. If you care enough about yourself to put your body through torture, then you will more likely care for her.

Also it’s been know that women find guys who have a certain body index to be more attractive than other guys.

#3 – Start Learning a new skill

As with above, I am not expecting you to learn a new skill in a day. What I am saying is why not start learning a new skill right now?

Learning a new skill is all about improving yourself. This is always attractive to women. Also you might one day be able to use said skill to demonstrate higher value. My main man Preston Blain has done this many a time with magic. I personally have used my skill-set with a guitar to make a few ladies hearts melt on a couple of occasions.

However remember that you should learn a new skill foremost because you enjoy it, and only secondly because you want to impress the ladies.

#4 – Approach a girl

Go out and talk to a girl today. Being able to approach women is obviously the first step in building attraction. If you are unable to approach a girl then you are fighting a losing battle.

The thing is, you need to just go out there and go for it. You can learn all you want about getting confidence to approach women, or the best ways to approach women, but in the end you just gotta go out there and do it.

Once you master the art of approaching, you are already half way to success.

#5 – Strike up a decent conversation

Being able to hold a conversation with a girl is also very important. Once you have approached her, you need to be able to talk to her long enough to build attraction.

When ever you you get the chance today, whether it be at work, at a pub, or wherever, try and strike up a decent conversation with someone. Realise that you are capable of this skill and that if you done this with a girl you have just approached then you are on to a winner.

#6 – Listen to some Paul McKenna

By this time you are probably thinking “Yes this is all well and good, but I lack confidence”. Well maybe you could try something different such as a Paul Mckenna book with acompanying hypnosis CD.

Now I am not gonna ram this down your throat, all I am going to say is that this shit seems to work pretty well. I know Preston has used it a lot and I have done too, to great effect.

#7 – Give up porn

A lot of guys say they haven’t got enough time to try the above suggestions. With today’s busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find the time to do something new, be it a hobby, the gym or whatever.

But, there are surely things that are not beneficial to your life that you could drop in order to make time. For example, watching porn. Watching porn is something that can consume a large amount of time and has very little intrinsic benefit to your life.

Or maybe reduce the amount of TV that you watch. If you limit the time doing something that has no real benefit and instead spend time doing things that actually have a tangible benefit to your life, then you will improve with women much more quicker.

Final thought

Take the above points on board and actually take action on them and you will definitely improve with women. The great thing about these as well, is they are great fun and you could start them right now. There is no excuse.