How To Get A Girl To Fall In Love With You


Is there a magic pill that will get a girl to fall in love with you?

Short Answer: No

Why? Because you can’t control how someone else feels about you just like that. There is no quick trick, devious method or anything else that can make a woman fall in love with you in a short period. Not in any kind of genuine and lasting way anyway. If there was it could be quite a disturbing thought…

Plus if a girl did fall in love with you that quickly then she might have serious issues. Let’s be honest it takes time to create a bond between you and a girl that might end up with one or both of you falling in love.

Don’t think this way

I know it’s not what any of us want to hear, but you shouldn’t be asking a question like how to make a girl fall in love with you because you are trying to find answers to something that is a natural process.

It’s like if you want to become a racing driver. You don’t ask, “How do I win races?”, instead you ask, “How can I drive the fastest and use the car to it’s absolute maximum potential?” By doing the latter, the winning naturally follows.

What you have to realise is that you don’t make a girl fall in love with you, it just happens because you are this awesome guy who she gets to hang around with.

Falling in love

Example: You meet a girl in a pub. You know how to get a girl to like you by building attraction. You continue the interaction like a conversation king and next thing you know you get her number. Awesome.

The next day you ring her up. You chat for a bit and decide to meet up. Everything goes well and you realise you like this girl. Therefore you both agree to meet up again and again and again and… well, you get the point.

Soon you are ‘going out’. Everything is still going along smoothly and you both seem to be really keen on each other. You spend a shed load of time together.

Over that time you get to know each other, you share secrets you have never told anyone else, you talk about the two of you together, etc. Then boom… love smacks you both in the face.

Therefore getting a girl to fall in love with you is a completely natural process. Just the way it should always be. No trying to force or convince someone they love you.

Cheesy stuff 

Yeah kinda. Personally I don’t believe in fairy tales and all that crap though. Thought I would just mention that before you starting thinking I was a big girl myself :-).

I do have a soft side though and I don’t mind admitting it. I know things like how to get a girl to fall in love with you take time. If you try and use quick tricks or devious methods then basically you are trying to trick the girl into loving you. That’s pretty fucked up don’t you think?

So what do I do now?

You go out and have a good time. You meet women and talk to them. You get to know them well. If all goes well you start dating. Then see what happens…