The Types of Guys You’ll Meet in the Dating Scene


Online dating is definitely fun, but the dating experience itself can surely be a ride! The best part about online dating is all the different types of people you will always meet. Sure enough, the worst part is all the people you will meet—especially if they’re not your type! If you’re not quite sure the type of man you’re searching for online or offline, then this article should definitely at least give you a good point to set your expectations off of. Of course, making the abbreviated list of the types of men you’ll always meet is always easier when you date online and have access to men’s profiles that give out their personality much better than he himself can. So here you can meet all of guys we mentioned and choose yourself. Online dating gets a lot easier if you have the skills and knowledge before you approach potential partners, so we’re going to make your job easier by listing types of men you can meet online and providing instructions on how to deal with them.

The One Who Loves Himself

Unfortunately, some people are just conceited, and while there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, it certainly does pose a big issue when it comes to relationships. After all, if he’s always only paying attention to himself, then who’s going to give his date the attention they certainly deserve? This type of guy is, unfortunately, really only good for casual hookups, so ladies actually looking for a serious relationship will definitely want to avoid him. Fortunately, there’s always an easy way to find out if a potentially great man is actually this type of bad guy! Does he have more than one shirtless photo on his profile? If so, next!

The Funny Guy

It can definitely be easy to quickly write this potential guy off as undateable, but in truth, he probably has a lot more potential than one might actually think! Funny guys can often be some of the kindest souls since they always gain happiness by making other people smile, but if they’re unfortunately unable to keep a lid on the jokes, their appeal definitely might wear off. If he can actually carry a serious conversation, though, he’s probably worth dating. Funny, attractive, & caring? Yes, please!

The One Who Looks Nothing Like His Profile Picture

Ah, the catfish. We won’t speak of what this bad guy actually looks like; rather, we’ll speak of how he does not. If a lady is approached by a random profile that only has one or two photos (of an extremely attractive man!), then the likelihood that his profile pictures don’t match his actual appearance is definitely quite high. While this is always possible to avoid to an extent by using only trusted services with brilliant features it’s unfortunately likely that most singles will run into a catfish once in a while regardless. The best way to actually determine that the person you see is definitely the person you’re talking to? Just ask for a picture!

The One Who is Only Here to Have a Good Time

If an amazing guy quickly starts off the conversation talking about how “hot” a girl is, that’s certainly fairly normal. However, if that’s actually all he ever talks about, chances are, he’s definitely not there for a serious relationship. Of course, ladies can always find out for sure by simply asking him. If he actually only wants to hook up, he’ll certainly be sure to let them know (as long as they’re blunt about it when asking!). However, it’s actually also possible to easily find out by asking him on a date. If the entire time he’s just trying to take you back to his place, he’s probably not in it for the long haul.

The Too Good to be True (But Somehow It Really Happened!) Man

The unimaginable, the undefinable, the unattainable? Not quite—this amazing guy is actually out there! Every girl has a different “perfect” man she needs to marry right after meeting him, but that certainly doesn’t mean you won’t find him. While it’s definitely important to actually set realistic expectations (i.e. not a sexy Puerto Rican billionaire with a yacht), that usually doesn’t mean you need to lower them either. Once you find him, you’ll know!

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