The Dos and Don’ts of Dating in Toronto


Being single with today’s technology can make us lazy. It’s not just about adding The Godfather Trilogy to your favourite movies list or putting up the latest picture of you with six-pack abs courtesy of Photoshop.  At some point, a face-to-face meeting will have to take place and there won’t be an “LOL” to save you — though a smiley face might not hurt.

When living in the singles jungle, the only way to survive is to keep your spirits up and not fall into that trap of feeling lonely and other negative feelings. You’re not the first single to walk the planet so don’t think it’s hopeless.

To help put things into perspective, I’ve enlisted the help of Meetville dating site and relationships expert Kim Hughes for some tips on how to succeed in the single world.

The Dos

Smile: “Every day, in everything you do, look around and smile,” she says. When you look more approachable and happy, even the shyest of the shy will feel comfortable initiating a conversation – or at the very least offer a reciprocatory smile.

Volunteer: “Put yourself in the path of someone likeminded,” she says. Whether you walk dogs or read to children it is a great way to meet people who care about the same things you do. “It’s also good karma.”

Check out options like:
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto
Habitat for Humanity Toronto
Toronto Humane Society
Feed the Streets

Have a hobby: If you do not already have one, find one. Knitting, baking, gardening, race car driving or whatever your flavour, you’ll have something interesting to talk about on a date.

Fitness: “You’ll feel good, you’ll look better and exude more confidence,” she says and that is the key. Tons of people work out at a gym and other fitness centres, so they are common places to meet people who are also single.

Check out options like:
Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy
Toronto Dance Salsa
Flirty Girl Fitness
Single Horizon

Friends: Keep your circle wide. Remember it’s a numbers game and the bigger your network the better chance of connecting with someone special.

The Don’ts

•    Turning down an invitation to anything or refusing an invitation is a definite faux pas. Don’t base your decision on the fact that you think there won’t be other Toronto singles around. Either there will be or you’ll meet someone who knows a few single friends.

•    And oldie but goodie: talking about your ex is never a good idea.

•    “Going on a date with an agenda,” she says. Thinking that this person must meet certain criteria can potentially make you miss out on meeting or giving a chance to a really great person. Keep an open mind and be flexible. “Explore each other’s hobbies and maybe you’ll meet someone just as into wine as you are,” she says.

•    (Tip from Meetvile CEO) “Approaching relationships from a point of need rather than in the spirit of giving. It shouldn’t be about what you need in order to be happy but about what you have to give someone else.” It’s a healthy starting point and selfless to the max!

Following these simple guidelines can make a world of difference, even if you’re consistent with only one of these recommendations.  Be yourself and open to the possibilities and everything will naturally fall into place.

What to do if nothing works?

Of course, there are a lot of tips on what you should do to find your love. But sometimes all the recommendations don’t work. That’s why people are seeking for other solutions and try different things because no one knows what could work in a specific situation. Some people go to parties, some other people are looking for new meetings, others are like Toronto women seeking man, they just look for the new people and use all the opportunities for that. The best way is to find someone who shares your interests and has a similar life’s rhythm. If you find a partner like that, so all our tips listed above will work!