The Perfect Man For a Russian Woman: What Is He Like?


Ideal people don’t exist, but girls do not stop looking for the perfect chosen one who combines the qualities of a romantic prince and a brutal macho man. So, a man of a Russian woman’s dreams, what does he look like?

The ideal, like any exclusively personal object, depending on individual tastes, can be opposite, according to different people. But there are still some general touches that everyone uses in his way, finishing the overall picture. These fuzzy lines, which serve as a dotted line, should most likely carry a positive charge. Simply put, an ideal is something positive and bright.

When people get into the perspective of any concept, it is necessary to remember that a person is not a robot, and nothing extreme should be allowed.

Today, several options are suitable for the image of the ideal man at once. You can’t just look at a person and say that they are perfect. And what can it be if some single Russian ladies like blondes, others like brunettes, others like family men, and the fourth is completely attracted to the contents of men’s wallets? Nevertheless, the psychological portrait of the ideal man can be more or less generalized. Let’s try to identify some universal criteria to determine which guys belong to single Russian ladies’ preferences.

  • Appearance

A man must be strong. Despite the latest fashion trends for frailty and femininity, the ability to protect and help a woman is still appreciated. It is very nice if a man is fond of sports, goes to the gym, or, at least, does exercises in the morning. It’s nice to see a muscular body, against which a woman is just Thumbelina. Many young ladies are not prepared to resist a particular color of a man’s eyes. Some melt from blue eyes; others tend to brown or green. But, you must agree: looking into the eyes, you can really “drown” in them and completely forget what you just asked. The portrait of the perfect man is supplemented by the fact, in Russia – brunettes are loved much more than blondes. Maybe because this hair color looks more brutal and courageous than light ones.

  • Honesty, kindness, and sincerity

These qualities are combined into one category for a reason. Also, they can be continued by an endless list because this is the standard of behavior in society from the moral side. Agree that no one will like an evil cunning liar with whom it is impossible to communicate. If these traits are not brought up in a man, then it is unlikely that he will pull himself together. Although everything can happen.

Generosity – this characteristic of men is liked by Russian women. However, the stinginess should not be confused with the thrifty. But it’s no secret that girls love surprises. It might sound very mercantile, still: give flowers or soft toys to your girlfriend. Taking your woman to an unusual place time over time will definitely make her happy.

  • Manner of behavior

Gallantry, a gentleman’s behavior – call it in the way that seems best to you. But a rude man who doesn’t give his lady a hand when she needs it won’t be tolerated by a Russian female. But, do not be fooled by the first impression: even if your girl turns out to be very independent – she still wants you to be a gentleman. Attention, caress, kind words – something that a woman will surely appreciate! After all, demonstrations in support in a difficult moment can melt any heart.

  • Hobbies

It is easy to conquer a Russian lady’s heart through some unusual hobby. It helps to represent yourself from the best side. If you are interested in poetry – read your favorite poem, like fast motorcycle riding – offer to ride, swim well – hold a master class in the pool. Impress her with your skills!