4 Quick Ways to Make the Right First Impression

confident man

The first impression is the most important as 90% of the time its the only impression you will ever get to make!

The first impression you make often happens long before you are ever introduced to a girl – it happens the first time she looks at you!

Luckily for you I’ve compiled 4 tips to help you make the first impression you need to attract women:

How you dress:

This is something many experts believe is more important in being ‘attractive’ than good looks. Take a look in the mirror, how do you think you look? Are you in your 40s and trying to dress like a college student? Are you dressing like you’ve accepted your station in life?

Play to your strengths, you may not get away with dressing like a college student – but you can seriously pull off the smart, sharp, sophisticated look. Think jeans and a sports jacket, something not too old but not too young. Make sure it blends well with your personality. If you spend your weekends surfing, add a little something to your outfit that portrays this. Be interesting in how you dress. Wear a bracelet, a nice watch, maybe a necklace.

Show your personality off through your clothes – it may be the only chance you get to show it off!

Posture & how you stand:

How you stand says so much about you. A strong confident man stands up straight and holds himself in an authoritative manor. He is the king of the castle, and whatever room he happens to be in – be it a bar, a restaurant, a cafe – is his castle. He doesn’t stand whimpering in the corner, afraid to take up space or make his presence known in a room. He stands out in the crowd because he portrays the image of confidence.

This tells women you are strong, successful, confident, comfortable in yourself, happy – all traits women find attractive. So look in the mirror and assess the way you stand – will this attract women? So stand up straight and no fidgeting!

How you walk:

Experts can tell a lot about someone just by watching them walk. And as women are the masters of intuition and perception – they can too. Next time you’re in public, watch how others are walking and think to yourself ‘is he confident? Would he attract women? Does he look awkward?’ If that person is walking with their head down, or looking all around them, chances are they aren’t confident or comfortable. So when you walk, carrying yourself with meaning and purpose, hold your back up straight, shoulders back and chest out, focusing on where you are going. This says a lot about you and makes you more attractive to women.

How you talk:

first impressionHow you talk is often more important than what you say when making a first impression. People associate authority with a deeper voice, so practice using the deeper tones of your voice when speaking to women. Start now, practice saying ‘Hi I’m (your name)’ in 3 different tones – high pitch, low pitch, and medium pitch. Try this a few times until you find the tone which best suits you. Remember, your voice is a muscle and can be trained, much like how a singer trains their voice. Its important to speak clearly and pronounce words correctly. This doesn’t mean you must speak like a 17th century English gentleman – but speaking a little clearer will make a much better impression than mumbling and speaking slang all the time!

So there you have it, adopt these 4 tips today and I guarantee you that you will start to notice women responding to you differently, for the better!

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