Here’s How You Will Improve Your Confidence Today


Right now, I want you to go look in the mirror and say to yourself “This is the moment, right now, that I’m going to change my life for the better.” Eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind. Nevermind what happened to you yesterday. Forget about all the failures and struggles that you went through. Live right here and right now in the moment. The key here to remember is that you can’t change the past unless you have a time machine; and in that case, bring me along so I can enjoy a bit of history firsthand instead of just reading it in a book. Who knows, maybe we can catch a play in the theater with Abraham Lincoln. The important thing to realize is that the future is yours to shape, because the future is the only thing that you can shape.

Of course you won’t be able to shape your future in a positive way if your head is all messed up and you view yourself in a negative way. Everybody on this planet is important, and no matter how insignificant they may feel at times, can make a positive impact on others and the advancement of our society. The problem is that you create these negative images in your head about yourself, and after a while you actually start to believe them as if they were true. But where do these negative images come from in the first place?

You Carry Extra Baggage From When You Were Growing Up

Somewhere along the time when you were growing up, someone picked on you or called you a name such as “hey ugly” or “you’re stupid.” Even though you tell yourself these negative things don’t bother you anymore, the truth is they still do. It’s time to put all those childish memories behind you and remember that you’re not in elementary school anymore. You’re a man now and things have now changed. Not only are you more mature, but the people you know now aren’t kids anymore and are less likely to say such childish things to you.

Girls Turned You Down

When you were younger and less social and clueless about dating, maybe a girl or two turned you down. She may have even embarrassed you in front of all her friends only to laugh in your face afterward. This does cause emotional scars, but you have to remember that these were girls, not women, and you’re a man now. Most likely you now dress better, look better, have better communication skills and women look at you when you aren’t paying attention. Yes, women do stare at men. They just do it in a more discreet manner than most men do.

You Think You Know What Women Want

Just because you heard a few women talking about how they want tall guys or guys that are rich, you automatically assume that all women want the same. That’s like saying all women like bologna sandwiches with mayonnaise in it. Like men, women have different tastes when it comes to selecting a mate. Look around sometime, and you will notice that there are a lot of different women with lots of different types of men, many who don’t even closely resemble the male model look that you assume all women get all googly eyed and pass out over. You’re a man so show some confidence and you will notice a huge change immediately from that alone.

The Media Says You Have To Look Perfect

I know, you see tons of men getting liposuction, hair transplants, laser hair removal and even fake muscle transplants. The fact is that nobody is perfect, and a lot of women are not happy with their bodies, either, even the ones who look almost perfect. People – no matter how much they get, whether money or corrective surgery to make themselves perfect – can never get enough. There’s a difference between making yourself look better with exercise and dressing better, and getting to be an extreme fanatic that corrects imaginary faults.

Dating Experts Tell You The Wrong Advice

Many dating experts will tell you “just be yourself” or “just be a nice guy.” This is all great advice IF you understand that you have to first improve yourself so that your bad qualities won’t sneak out when you are being yourself, and won’t be a door mat when you’re being nice. A nice guy holds doors for women or gives sincere compliments. This is the opposite of a weak guy who begs women for dates or lets women abuse him while he tries to buy her affection with drinks. You can still be nice, but have a backbone already.

You Have Nothing On Your Mind But Dating

Have you ever seen the guy who goes out for a drink and ends up standing against the wall all night staring at the women but never talking to any of them? These are called wall flowers and they go out with the sole purpose of meeting women instead of having a good time. Don’t be this type of guy. Go out and socialize. Make new friends. Go out and try new things. Pick up a new a hobby. Learn something new and interesting. The reason why women don’t want to date these types of guys is that they don’t have anything fun and interesting to talk about. Instead they sit there staring at the women like a lion drooling over a raw piece of meat. This creeps women out and even scares them. Be the fun, sociable guy that has interesting and fun things to talk about and women will automatically start to like you more.

Negativity Is Your Calling

According to a recent Getpsychologyessay research that people tend to focus more on the negative as they try to make sense of the world.  In the past, maybe you tried to pass a school test and failed, or to start a business and it failed, leaving you in bankrupcy. Now whenever you’re faced with a new challenge or trying to accomplish a new goal, you automatically assume that history is going to repeat itself. What you tend to forget is that before you probably tried to tackle a new challenge or reach a huge goal without first attaining the proper knowledge or having the right plan in place. With these proper tools, you will still be taking a risk but instead a calculated risk. Without risk there is no reward, especially when it comes to meeting women and dating.

At first change it will be difficult, but with persistence and determination there is no obstacle that is too tough for you to overcome. It’s all about stepping out of those comfort zones that make you feel safe like that favorite blanket you had while growing up. Once you leave these comfort zones, you can then truly start to challenge and push yourself and learn from your mistakes. Failing can either be seen as losing, or one more learning experience that will only get you that much closer to achieving your goals. So stay positive, and remember that I’m always right there standing by your side supporting you, even though you can’t see me, pushing you that much closer to happiness and accomplishing your goals. And don’t forget to keep me updated, because I love hearing about how much I’ve helped you achieve true happiness.