A Little Sunshine: Planning the Perfect Date Outdoors


Dating in the middle of a global pandemic is hard. Really hard.

People who were attempting to meet their other half in 2020 no doubt found this out the hard way, with many businesses closing their doors to the public (therefore limiting their options to get to know people in a romantic setting) and it being, well, relatively unsafe to even talk to anyone without a mask. Even with the pandemic beginning to wind down with the widespread availability of vaccinations, it can still be difficult to plan a safe date indoors, especially with the now spreading variants of COVID-19 and PTSD from the past year making it difficult to engage with those spaces the way we would have before, planning your dates outside might be the safer bet to make sure you and your date have a great time. In fact, dating outside is recommended by most state governments, as it’s a great way to get to know your date while keeping out of spaces where COVID can spread quickly.

Fortunately for you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with planning a date outdoors, and you’re more likely to make a memorable impression than a person who just takes their date to the movies or to the local fast food joint. Outdoor activities tend to take place in beautiful settings, offer lots of opportunities to talk and get to know one another, and tend to require collaborative action on you and your date’s part, action that might further reveal whether you and your date are compatible.

Starved for ideas? Read on for some outdoor activities that will make for a solid, memorable first date, as well as their relative do’s and don’ts.

1. Plan a Picnic at Your Local Park

Picnics are a perfect first date for those who want to take their would-be partner out for a meal, but want to dine with them in a serene area with lots of natural beauty. In addition to allowing you to show off your “sensitive” side, requiring you to prepare a meal yourself, a picnic can be as romantic, or as relaxing, as you want. All that’s needed is to decide on what you’ll bring with you and where you’ll have your picnic. You’ll want to select a mostly quiet area that overlooks a beautiful landscape, such as a nearby meadow or a river, as well as an area with ample shading.

Also, make sure to prepare for the possibility of unexpected inclement weather. Bring an umbrella big enough to adequately cover you and your date, and have an alternate activity lined up just in case.

2. Go Fishing. Yes, Fishing!

This especially works out if your date is an outdoors person; you likely won’t want to try this one out if your date is likely to think that fishing is grimy. However, this often-overlooked first-date activity comes with a lot of benefits. For one, it offers lots of opportunities to talk and get to know your partner while you’re waiting on the fish to bite. Should they happen to bite, you get to show off your skill and help your date catch something, having fun with them and leaving them with a tangible reward for their effort. Having the right equipment is paramount though, so make sure you get rods and reels for the both of you from tailoredtackle.com, as well as a tackle box that will help you catch whatever fish you may be hunting.

3. Hiking Brings People Together

Whether you plan a romantic walk by lamplight in a well-lit park or an arduous hike up a mountain trail, hiking can also be a great first-date activity that leaves an unforgettable impression. In addition to leaving you lots of time to talk with your partner, the scenery of the location you choose can help set the mood and leave your date with a strong first impression of you. The location you choose says a lot about your personality, and you can come off as more rugged or more sensitive depending on where the two of you hike.

Go Forth And Date

Notice the factor that unites all of these great would-be-date ideas: the opportunity to alternate talking with your date with some form of action, such as looking at scenery or catching fish. Outdoor dates provide you and your date with a unique opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get to know each other in a new setting. Make sure whatever activity you choose, you take advantage of that.

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