10 Songs About Violent Relationships


If you’re interested in 10 songs about violent relationships, here’s a list for you. These songs may actually be therapeutic to individuals who have either been in such a relationship or have witnessed domestic disputes of their loved ones. Hopefully, this list of songs about violent relationships will remind you of what you do not want in your relationship.

  1. “Love is Blind” by Eve– Eve’s rap song is number one on this list of songs about violent relationships because the lyrics sing truth for many individuals. The song is from the perspective of a concerned friend witnessing the constant abuse that her female friend endures. She tries to advise her friend to end the relationship with the abusive man, but the naïve friend ignores her warnings and ends up being killed by the boyfriend.
  2. “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks– This song is about two friends who seek revenge on the husband of the abused friend. The woman endures physical abuse before filing for a divorce. The divorce and a restraining order do nothing to stop the abusive ex-husband from finding his ex-wife and beating her. The two friends concoct and carry out a plan to kill the husband by poisoning his food.
  3. “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem featuring Rihanna– Eminem painted a descriptive picture of a violent relationship with the lyrics to this song. The intensity and anger is almost tangible. This song by Eminem and Rihanna brought attention to a very serious issue of domestic violence.
  4. “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” by Rihanna featuring Eminem– This remake of “Love the Way You Lie” is from the female’s perspective. Rihanna sings the tale of dysfunctional relationship in which both parties can’t seem to live without the chaos. Eminem lends his intensity in a verse detailing violent episodes in a relationship.
  5. “I’m Okay” by Christina Aguilera– The words to Christina Aguilera’s song paint a picture of her as a child having to witness the abuse of her mother from the hands of her father. The song explains the anguish and fear she felt. The lyrics describe not only the physical abuse, but the mental abuse that still haunts her.
  6. “Kim” by Eminem– Eminem makes the list again with this song to his girlfriend, Kim. The song is not only violent, but also scary and alarming. The lyrics tell a gruesome story of Eminem killing Kim and her new lover in revenge of her moving on to someone else.
  7. “Face Down” by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus– This selection is about a young woman in a violent relationship. The lyrics convey the image of a woman who realizes that she has had enough of the abuse. She finally gathers the strength to end the abusive relationship.
  8. “The Little Girl” by John Michael Montgomery– This sad song is about a child who witnesses the violent relationship between her parents. The constant fighting continues until the father ends up killing the mother and himself after one of their domestic disputes.
  9. “Never Again” by Nickelback– This tune also tells of the physical abuse of a woman. Sadly, the battered woman deals with the shame of the attacks from her mate in silence while denying to others that she is being abused.
  10. “Black Eyes, Blue Tears” by Shania Twain– This country song is about being liberated from an abusive relationship. The song speaks to listeners through a voice of empowerment by encouraging individuals to find their worth and stop accepting the abuse.