Dating Knowledge: Is She Into You… or Is She Just Being Nice?


Let’s face it, women don’t make it obvious whether or not they want to go home with you or not. So it’s up to you to decipher the clues she is giving you.

Are you recognizing the clues?

Below is a quick quiz you can take to see how good you are at knowing what a woman is trying to tell you. You’ll get the answers to each question as well as an explanation which will elaborate on the right answer.

1. One of the signs a woman is interested in me is when she:

A) Tells me that I seem really “nice”
B) Tosses her hair back and gives me direct eye contact
C) Is constantly checking her text messages
D) Mentions her ‘boyfriend’ to try to make me jealous

The correct answer for this question is B.

You know that a girl likes you when she uses certain flirtatious gestures like tossing her hair back and staring you directly in the eyes. Making eye contact is definitely one of the bigger things to look out for, because you will definitely know it when you see it. Looking you in the eyes and smiling is definitely a sign that she wants to get to know you better, especially if it is a somewhat shy smile which tells you she likes you.

When a girl tells you that you’re “nice” it is more likely you are about ten minutes away from hearing the “friend zone” speech.

And if a girl mentions her boyfriend… she is most likely trying to give you a hint that nothing is going to happen between the two of you.

2. One of the things a girl who isn’t interested in me does is:

A) Continues to touch up against me
B) Give me a cute nickname
C) Calls me a heartbreaker
D) Avoids asking any questions that require an answer beyond yes/no

The right one is D. Knowing what kinds of things girls do when they aren’t into you can help you to keep from making a fool of yourself when you are more than a little bit clueless.

If you are wondering how to tell if she is interested, you will definitely know she isn’t if she avoids asking any meaningful questions that could lead to an actual conversation. If she isn’t encouraging you to keep talking she is probably trying to blow you off.

3. True or False: When a girl likes you she will often call you a “jerk” or “a player.”

The correct answer for this one is True.

When a girl begins to feel attraction to you she will usually try to tease you back and see how you react. If she is calling you a “player” it is because she feels attraction toward you and wants to get a feel of your opinion on her.

4. I feel confident enough to ask for a girl’s number if she:

A) Avoids any physical contact with me whatsoever
B) Tells me her life story
C) Asks me if I have a girlfriend

The correct answer for this one is C.

There is a good chance that you will be able to get a girl’s number if she starts prying for information on your personal life. It is a classic example of interest and you will definitely be able to go ahead and ask for her contact information if she seems to be fishing for whether or not you’re single.

These are just some of the ways how to tell if a girl likes you. The trick is to get good at really learning when a girl is interested, and when she isn’t, so that you don’t waste your time talking to a girl who isn’t going to give you her number, and you don’t pass up on a perfectly good opportunity.