How To Keep Monogamy Exciting


Human beings are not wired to be monogamous creatures. It’s very rare that the partner we choose to invest our time and love in is the only person we fantasize about. I know that every single one of my boyfriends in one way or another have expressed to me how he would “hit that,” whenever they saw an attractive woman. This is healthy and believe it or not, it plays a part in how to keep monogamy exciting.

“I am unboyfriendable because the thought of having sex with only one person freaks me the fuck out,” said a very close friend of mine. This is a common sentiment. I know many men and women who avoid being in meaningful relationships because they were afraid of getting bored with bedding only one partner.

Monogamy can be fun.

Keep Things Exciting

There are tons of ways to make having only one sexual partner fun. If you’re into visual stimulation, perhaps you might want to try adult videos. Find something you like that involves the type of people you find aesthetically pleasing, and go for it. There’s no shame in watching other couples/scenarios. There’s always the sex toys option as well. Start with the wedge.

The best part of being in a monogamous relationship is that chances are you’re comfortable with the person you’ve chosen to be intimate with. Communicate about what you want, how you want it, and where you want it. Who cares? Have sex everywhere!

Position Changes

Depending on how creative you and your partner are willing to be, there are literally thousands of positions for you to explore. Gone are the days of remaining in missionary. This is the era of the new hotness rodeo. Reverse cowgirl, the spinning X, as well as the butter churner are a few examples. Heck, go make some up! Sex is supposed to be fun, not work. Customize it to maximize your pleasure…and his.

Become His Fantasy

Imagine your man’s reaction when he comes home from a trip or a long day at work and you’ve got a single silk ribbon covering you in strategic places with the bow tied at your hip. You would literally be his present. Perhaps you’d prefer to wear his necktie with nothing else but a smile to seduce him the way he seduces you. Flip your roles, ask him about his fantasies and give him ideas about yours.

Emotional Sex Will Rock Your World

I didn’t realize until very recently what the difference between sex and loving sex is. There’s no downgrading after you care for the person you are bedding. It’s almost as if your body uses sex as a silent medium with which you communicate to your partner how you feel about them. Sure, there are different types and levels to having sex – making love, sexing, fucking, the quick and dirty; inevitably, you’ll experience all the latter in a monogamous relationship. It’s all about the chemistry between you two and how far you’re willing to take it.

Anyone and everyone who has ever said that sex is overrated is doing it wrong. Take it from the jaded ex-maneater. There’s something remarkably different about exclusively keeping that aspect of physical interaction to one person. Wait and see. You’ll meet that one person who’ll sexually blow your mind, and you might not even want anyone else.


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