3 Ways To Successfully Date Using Your Intuition


We have a number of people always asking, what they should do, what they should say and how they should act when “xyz” happens when it comes to dating, men and women.

Most of the time I’m hesitant in saying … “do this” or “do that” because the truth of the matter is, every situation is so very different. So trying to act in a predefined way, is probably the worse thing that you can possibly do! You want to know why?

Because you start to second guess yourself. You start to doubt yourself. You start to hesitate. You start to hold back. And you stop being able to access your personal power which makes you attractive and not to mention magnetic to everyone around you.

I can tell you right now, that its your hesitation and its your inability to act upon and listen to that inner voice within us all which ALWAYS know exactly what to do, what to say and how to act.

If there is anything I can teach you guys, is that you must cultivate and act upon your gut or intuitive feelings.

Men, it will tell you when you must approach a particular woman or when you should say a particular thing. Women it will tell you if this guy is really into you or not and if he has good intentions.

It will tell you about whether to trust someone, whether they like you or not, whether you should continue seeing them, or if there is something that is just “off” about them. In fact it will answer all of your questions better than any other person, any other piece of dating advice and any one of my blog posts.

I can tell you right now, if we don’t listen to our intuition, we often pay the price. Broken hearts, shattered dreams and plenty of disappointment.

So how can you learn to cultivate this more in your dating life?

Go by feeling rather than reason.

I think the reason why many of us have not been able to more fully develop our intuitive abilities, is because some of the things that it points at, seems ridiculous. In fact most of the time intuitive feelings never make logical sense. Maybe they hint for you to say or doing something that seems bizarre or completely insane. The only way you can learn to cultivate your intuition is act upon what it tells you. So next time you have a guy feeling, no matter what it is, just act upon it and see what happens.

Go with the moment.

You hear a lot of advice about people saying to take it slow. I say take it at whatever dam pace you want to. If you want to kiss them within the first hour on the date, then do it. If you want to say something completely random, even though you just met, say it! Don’t get bogged down in what you “should” or “could” say and don’t start listing 101 things that you need to check off before you start a relationship with him or her, go with the moment, see where it takes you and don’t allow all these false rules which don’t apply to you, to get in the way. Men in particular. This means if you want to make a move on a woman, go for it! Don’t think to yourself, well I’ve only known her for blah blah blah amount of time, I don’t want to scare her off …. Leave no time for thinking and more time for acting! Your hesitation and indecisiveness is what puts her off.

See things as they really are.

You create unnecessary drama when you have unrealistic expectations of yourself and the other person. Women in particular fall into the trap of projecting all their hopes and desires onto this one man. This creates a lot of pressure on this poor guy who has just met you … who gets crush by the large weight of all your expectations.

Honor the man you are interested in by just seeing him as he truly is. Don’t get caught up in daydreaming, if he will fit into the 2.3 kids and white picket fence picture – just sense whether or not your enjoy his company and if you want to continue to be in his presence or not. Simple.

My last point would be to really keep it simple.

And keep your mind clear. It is your mind; that makes you doubt yourself, that creates false expectations, that dreams up all these weird scenarios of which 99.9% will never ever happen. If you can learn to cultivate a mind which is a little more quiet and your allow your intuition to become the commander rather than the crew, then you will see a whole new world open up to you.

Readers, do you have any stories about why you should have listened to your intuition?