Why Dating Multiple Guys Is GREAT For You!


In the dating game it has always been a debated topic of whether we should date a lot of random people (quantity) or wait for the perfect one (quality).  Why should quantity be so important? Well I think that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to quantity over quality or vice versa.

One of the reasons with going out with plenty of guys is that you get back into your dating grove. You seem happier because your time is being spent with all these different guys who want to adore you and make you happy. You’re learning to become more feminine again, to learn how to receive again and remembering how much fun it actually is to date again.

You get to meet a whole variety of men and because of this you are not desperate to latch onto JUST one. Men can’t smell your desperation because you don’t have any. In fact they are more interested in you because they actually have to chase you and attempt to win you over from all the other guys.

Also dating guys without being too judgmental means that you give them a chance. Yes you might have better impressions with other guys … But surprisingly after going on a few dates with one particular guy, they can really grow on you. You might learn something about them, which you find very attractive.

As well as this, dating lots of these people allows you to appreciate them for all their different qualities. After you have gone through this, there may be certain characteristics in a guy that you find really appealing that you didn’t know that you did before!

But the biggest advantage of going out there and getting dates and seeing people is that you learn to enjoy yourself more. You are so much more date worthy because going on all these dates, makes it that much easier to smile at that cute guy who walks past you in the shopping centre. It makes it just that much easier to flirt with someone you got introduced to. It makes you more appealing and more open and approachable to that guy that you have been waiting to find!

With that said, to a certain extent you have to be a little selective in who you go out with. Like they shouldn’t be axe murderers or anything like that. With online dating, it’s always best to listen to your intuition. If you think about them and the first thing that comes to mind is not a good feeling, then simply don’t go.

But if you feel perfectly safe and happy to go on the date then go. Its no big deal, just a chance to meet up with someone, say hello and possibly even have a good time *gasp* – what have you go to lose? =)

So while I say dating lots of guys can be great in getting you much more open and approachable, I think dating quality guys is the key.

The number one thing, in having a happy relationship is the selection of your partner. Really the aim of dating someone more suitable to you … should be to find someone who is able to accept and love you for the person you are and who brings out the best in you.

A lot of relationships fail because two great people have gotten together because of attraction, but ultimately don’t really match. Their “natures” and who they are as a person at their core level are the not same. For example. The girl in the relationship on a nature base loves to give. She gives her time, her energy and her money to things she believes are worthy of it. Her partner is someone who is more focused on himself. He believes in taking more than giving, is ambitious and wants to become a Hollywood star and doesn’t care who he has to step on to make his way to the top.

So many that was an exaggerated example, but hopefully you get to see the point that im making. So in terms of quality, its better to really seriously date people who are more aligned with you on that level. So that way there is a lot less of these barriers to overcome.

So with all that said, I guess my conclusion is that quantity and quality are equally as important as each other.