A Guide To Buying Dating Books


In my article, What The Dating Gurus Don’t Want You To Know, I shared my dislike about where the dating industry has gone and where it is heading.

As far as I’m concerned, the dating industry has become way too commercialized, with a new dating guru popping up so often that it’s like a bunch of roaches running when the lights come on. Running to get your hard-earned cash by offering a new technique or whole dating system or boot camp that promises you more sex than you could ever handle.

Most dating gurus would love to have all of their students take their boot camps at the cost of thousands of dollars and practice their fake confidence-building systems at the night club. If they did, they’d be multimillionaires in no time. The problem is that it’s impossible to bring every aspiring Casanova with them, and most of them cannot afford the high cost to attend the boot camp. So what did the dating gurus do instead?

They discovered that they could take all of this tired, useless information and put it into books instead. By doing this, they could now reach more students than ever before by selling the books on their websites. Now every dateless guy could practice the system developed by their favorite dating guru without having to attend boot camps. Now the dating gurus were making more money than ever – while doing much less work – due to the widespread distribution of their books.

Many guys finally smarten up and realize that these books are complete garbage, because they don’t actually help them but instead hurt them. Here’s a little secret. It’s usually the commercialized crap that’s available by some very well-known author. There are many great books out there that will help you improve your dating success. You just have to be very careful with the type of book you buy. I’m going to tell you exactly what to watch out for when buying them.

A cover with a half-naked women with the promise of getting lots of sex

Many dating gurus feed off men’s desperation by putting a half-naked woman on the front cover with a fancy title saying, “Gets lots of women into bed.” This is very smart marketing on the dating gurus’ part because the image of the women gets the guy’s hormones raging while the title promises that he will be able to sleep with tons of women. The problem with these types of books is that they don’t actually teach you the necessary conversation skills in order to be able to talk to anybody, let alone a woman you’re attracted to. Books like this are full of excitement and more fluff than cotton candy, but lack any real information on improving your social skills. Instead, you should purchase books that teach you how to talk to anybody, whether it’s a co-worker, job interviewer, and yes, the cute woman at the deli who you might be attracted to.

Teaches memorized scripts

Memorizing phony scripts is just a crutch to not actually improve yourself and actually get a real life. This fake confidence might work to help you meet a woman, and maybe get a date if you’re lucky…but what happens after you run out of memorized garbage to talk about, especially after she finds out that you have nothing exciting going on in your life besides picking up women. And wait until she finds out that you can’t even afford to pay for the meal since you’re jobless. Instead, I’d suggest buying books about how to start a business or get a great career, and it never hurts to read books about how to improve confidence, too. Also, don’t be afraid to purchase books teaching you how to do unique hobbies.

Calls women foul names

Have you ever read a book about dating, only to find the author constantly bashing women and calling them a bunch of foul names? Think about the last time you were out somewhere and saw a guy approach a woman, only to get rejected by her. Remember how he walked away while looking like a fool and calling her names. Hardly a guy who’s successful with women, right?

Now think about this raving maniac author who’s doing the same while telling you how he’s unlocked the code to meeting tons of women and magically getting them into bed. If you guessed it sounds like the same guy, you’re right. Any guy who’s as successful with women as he claims would not put women down or call them names. Guys who are angry with women are usually the ones who have been rejected by them.

In conclusion

This list that I’ve provided is no way complete, but merely the main ones that are in these so-called dating gurus books, and a tell-tale sign that they are completely full of crap. You can do much better with books that teach other skills such as conversational skills, business start-up, and career advancement or hobbies. Not only will these books make you more successful in the end, but they will also improve your social skills by giving you something interesting to talk about.