Creating Long-term Memories With an Action Date


It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone enjoys observing a body in motion. The human body is a magnificent machine, and when you are interested in someone, the way they move comfortably in their skin will increase your attraction. Women often tell each other, a great dancer is great in bed, and men think all yoga enthusiasts can perform amazing sex positions. Is there some truth to these beliefs? Perhaps, but the reality is attraction is always increased when men and women watch each other move.

The Action (or adventure) date capitalizes on this notion and will keep you in a woman’s memory for a long time. The ‘lunch date’, ‘dinner and a movie’, or ‘quick drinks at the bar’ have been done many times and doesn’t feel any different, no matter how great the location. Women learn how you treat servers and what you like to eat – but the date itself isn’t eventful or memorable. They can experience the same type of date with their girlfriends and family members. It doesn’t push us out of our comfort zone and make us rely on your wisdom and expertise.

Different activities on a date will create a bond of trust in both parties and build togetherness. By embarking on an action date, a couple can start building a collection of special things they have done as a team. Think about the following, when planning an action date with a woman you’re interested in getting to know better:

Have You Always Been Active?

Yes, all of us have been asked this question and all of us say, “Yes, I like to do (fill in the blank)”, but do you know how to spot when a woman is lying about how active she is? That’s right; you plan an action date. Dancing, walking, jogging, and hiking can be done in various places. You can pack a picnic meal and hike to a nice place to enjoy the fresh air and no-pressure conversations will happen when you’re concentrating on completing a task together.

No one wants to tell a person they’re dating that their lifestyles aren’t compatible, but everyone knows, an active person prefers an equally active mate. Many people hold an image of a fit person as their ideal companion because we’ve been inundated with media images of physically fit people since our childhoods. But due to the increase popularity of crash diets and plastic surgery, it’s getting harder to determine if good genes, hard work, or a shortcut sculpted the body you’re fixated on. If you’re a man that has no desire to be with a sedentary woman, then the action date should be your choice for the first date, so she can understand the lifestyle you prefer to live.

Expose Her to Your Interests

If you enjoy golfing, give her a lesson, but don’t make her feel incompetent if you’re an expert and she isn’t. Give her pointers so she can learn to appreciate the effort it takes to master the sport. Help her see why you love baseball, basketball, or football by teaching her how to handle the ball. You need to know if she’s comfortable and willing to try something you love.

Now remember, it doesn’t take much energy to watch a sport, so don’t take that shortcut. No matter how many women suggest you should, don’t do it. Women have mastered tolerating sports if they’re interested in a new guy. Tell your date you want to go to the batting cages together or to the park to throw around a freebee and a football, and you’ll learn if she’s willing to compromise her dating ideals and let you design a date that will uncover who she really is. Just make sure you state how much fun it will be to see her in a more relaxed atmosphere and that it won’t be some boot camp training exercise.

Experience Something New Together

If you are interested in community service projects, take your date and volunteer together. Help feed the homeless, read books to children at the local library, or help Habitat for Humanity build a home for the day. You can also pick an activity to increase your knowledge in an area you don’t know much about like a cooking lesson, an art class, wine tasting, or a dance class.

Completing a task together will help you understand if the two of you can overcome challenges as a team. You will see if a woman shuts down when she’s overwhelmed or becomes a chatty Cathy. You will also learn if she can laugh at herself, show compassion for others, and have a good time in an unusual situation. She will also learn similar things about you.

Want a Quicker Bond, Add Adrenaline

Science says you’ll bond quicker when you add a little adrenaline. The fight-or-flight mechanism always kicks in when we’re doing something we haven’t done before or haven’t done in a long time. Now don’t scare a woman off by suggesting bungee-jumping off the nearest bridge; instead think about bike riding, indoor wall climbing, riding a roller coaster, horseback riding, ice skating, etc.

Feeling a little scared to try something will make most women turn towards their date for reassurance and protection, so only attempt an adrenaline date if you’re ready to support her emotionally. She will look to you for support and encouragement, so don’t let her down.

It’s important to remember that after any type of action-date, you should have a normal post-date activity. Take her out for a meal, a quiet walk, or grab a drink. It will give you a chance to talk about the experience and assess if she enjoyed herself. If she’s smiling at you like the first time you met, ask her out for a more conventional date because now you know how comfortable she is with you.

Stay confident, handsome, and otherworldly!