6 Tips For Picking Up Women At The Dog Park


It’s true, you can potentially pick up women anywhere. You just have to have the right angle. Picking up women at the dog park is no different. It’s just a matter of knowing the terrain, being correctly and heavily armed, spotting a suitable target, and going for it. Find a good dog park near you, and get to work. Scout it out to so you know the best times to go, when there’s the most eye candy around. Then get going. Use these six tips for picking up women at the dog park.

Don’t go alone.

In this particular case, it’s definitely better to bring a wingman. More specifically, you need to bring a furry four legged wingman with a taste for bones, and an affinity for chasing squirrels. You’d look kind of weird walking through a dog park without a dog. Dogs, no matter how ugly, or how huge, can invoke that “awwww” reaction in a woman. Which, is of course, an instant ice breaker. If you don’t have your own dog, borrow a friend’s dog.

Play time.

When you see a cutie you want to approach, don’t just go running up to her. Give her time to see you. Give her something to look at. If she’s at a dog park, chances are she has and loves dogs. So, show her you do too. Play with your pup in her field of vision. Let her see you having a good time with your best friend.

The Tag Team.

Understanding dogs is a must. It’s something about the interaction with another dog that drives dogs nuts. Use this to your advantage. When the sexy dog walker you want crosses your path again, set your wingman into action. Simply let the leash go. Make sure that your dog is focused on your sexy dog walker and her mutt. Your buddy will run right up to them and begin sniffing and such. Quickly go running after your dog. Apologize to the lady. Something like “Oh, she gets so excited around other dogs, sorry about that” should work.

The introduction.

The ice is shattered at this point. Simply strike up a conversation about the dogs and such. “What’s your dog’s name?” “Is she a rescue?” are some basics to get you started. But anything related to her and her dog will work just fine. Stay away from the cheesy compliments and asking her out. Just be natural and steer the conversation to find out some important info for future reference. Most importantly, in a round about way, find out if she comes to this particular park often, and when. But don’t ask for her number this time. Just hang out with her, being cool, talking. Then, find a reason to leave. Yes, leave.

Follow through.

If you made strong enough of an impression, she’ll be thinking about you. She’ll definitely return to that park. Make sure you stop by the park again, during the designated times. When you see her, ask if you can walk with her and her dog. Be natural, be cool, and most importantly, find a way to exchange contact info. If you followed step four, then she’ll be looking to get your information anyway.

Reach out.

Call her a day or two later and invite her and her dog on a play date at a new place. If this meeting goes well, you’ll be able to get her out on the town, without her furry companion.