Six Ways To Pick Up A Guy


When we hear about someone getting picked up, we usually picture a guy picking up a girl. But what about the woman who sees a guy she’s very attracted to and would like to meet?

Should she just sit there, hoping that he will notice her and approach her? If she talked to him, would he accept her advances? Is he even single?

These are the questions that run through every woman’s mind, but with the following six tips, you can eliminate the stress and anxiety of picking up a hunk and dramatically increase the odds of hooking him.

Go to places where there’s a large percentage of women hanging out

At first this might sound puzzling, and you may be scratching your head. You’re probably concerned that with so many women around, competition may be too great – but just think about this for a second. When there’s a large amount of women hanging out in a certain area or venue, a lot of men usually find out about it and soon follow. And usually 90% of these men are single.

Sit in high traffic areas in the place

Your first instinct whenever you enter a place may be to sit in the dark corner or off to the side in order to stay out of other people’s way, or allow you to scan the room. Now sit among a group of friends, and the chances of a guy spotting you drops considerably. Instead, sit in high traffic areas where lots of men have to pass by. This increases his chances of spotting and even approaching you, since he won’t have to walk all the way across the room to meet you.

Leave your group

Most guys will not approach a woman who’s with a friend or group of friends. Guys are acutely aware of the possibility of being rejected when they approach a woman, and don’t want an audience around to witness it if it does happen. If you see a guy you’d like to meet, leave your group for just a bit (you can stay within close proximity if you’re concerned about your safety) so that he’ll have the chance to make his move.

Look friendly

I know it’s not always easy to laugh and smile, but if you look very serious or like you’re having a bad day, no guy is going to want to be on the receiving end of your frustrations. Actually go out to have a good time, relax and don’t forget to laugh and smile.

Give him an excuse

Yes, most women want a guy who has levels of mega confidence that enables him to approach them…but sometimes all a guy needs is a little nudge. When he’s nearby, drop something on the floor or leave something behind, while timing it just perfect so that he’ll see it. This will give him an excuse to pick it up or chase you down to give it you – and like magic, talk to you.

Be bold

This is a tough one, and most women are not willing to do it, which is okay. You will have to be very secure and bold to pull this off; otherwise, don’t attempt it. Approach the guy and initiate the conversation. He may then take the initiative and ask you out. If he doesn’t, and you’re really brave and feeling very good about things, then ask him out.

So, all you ladies out there. Go out and snag your man.