Building an Attractive Lifestyle That Women Love


Sitting in front of the TV all day? Spending your free time watching porn movies masturbating? Well, if you want to attract women at some point in your life, it’s time you make a few changes. Here’s how…

Build Your Social Circle

To become successful with women, you need to become successful with people first. You need to build a solid group of friends and acquaintances. To be recognized as a fun and interesting person, and bring value to others:

  • Get hobbies that include others (team sports, learning martial arts etc.)
  • Organize gatherings (drinks after work for example)
  • Have fun and interesting stories to tell

If you’re always surrounded by people that are laughing and smiling, women will find that attractive. What’s even more attractive is if you’re the one who organises and hosts the parties they go to. You’re establishing yourself as a leader that way, and women love a guy that has leadership qualities.

Your impression on others is mainly determined by your social circle. So choose your friends carefully. You want friendly, easy-going, positive, confident people around you. Not negative, insecure, desperate losers.

Be Creative and Ambitious

Everybody has passions, ambitions and goals in their life. Figure out what yours are, and pursue them – working 9-5 in a dead end job and then crashing out in front of the TV in the evening is a dismal and boring lifestyle to lead.

For example – If you take photos, swim, play an instrument or write for a blog, you indicate that you’re keen to shape your own reality, take responsibility, and follow things through. You’re a man with passions and goals, and you’re pursuing them and she’ll be excited to share and be part of them.

I mentioned earlier that women find leadership qualities in men attractive? Your creativity, ambition and pursuit of personal goals communicates that you’re strong and that you want to succeed – you’re a leader. It also shows her that you’re doing just fine on your own, and she has the one-off opportunity to join you. You want her in your life, but you don’t need her.

Develop & Look After Yourself

As you’re probably aware, evolution favours the fit and healthy – survival of the fittest. And I think you’d agree that fit and healthy guys are more likely to attract women.

Women will definitely be more attracted to you if you’re fit and healthy, so if you’re not already, do the following:

You should go to the gym to get lean and build muscle to stay in shape and get fit. I recommend that you go to the gym 3 -4 times a week and follow a weight training program that builds your entire body. In addition to this, you should perform some kind of cardio training at least once a week – high intensity interval training is best.

As well as a good regular workout, make sure that you eat a healthy diet. Make sure you eat lots of protein (chicken, fish, meat, egg whites, protein supplements etc.), healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, fish oil supplements etc.) and healthy carbs (fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole grain foods etc.)… All the healthy foods. Drink lots and lots of water and try to avoid all the classic junk foods.

Then, you want to buy clothes that fit your body shape and flatter your body in the best way possible. You also want to walk upright, with your head held high, shoulders back and down: body language that shows strength.

One Last Thing, Be Positive

Stop complaining about your life and be positive. When people ask how you are, smile at them and say “very well, thank you!” Most people will only grunt in response or say “don’t ask.” Don’t be one of them people.

Creating an attractive lifestyle may take some time and you’ll probably have to alter a few things, but in the long run you’ll reap the rewards. Be positive and passionate about the things you do: it won’t just make more women like you more, but also contribute to your happiness and success as a man.