How To Date Like a Man


Men are not to blame for your “man problems”. Period. End of story. Grow up and take some responsibility. At least that way you will take a little power back and gain confidence in being the master of your own dating life.

Woman you are incredibly smart.

You are a multi-tasking, smart-working, healthy-living powerhouse. In short- you are amazing. Wonder woman. A real life hero. With all of these super powers among us, why is it that most of us just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to matters of the heart. When it comes to love all bets are off. You turn into a needy, love-sick, annoyingly excited piece of mush. Love is your kryptonite. You have no idea how to date a guy.

Men can learn a shitload of valuable and life-saving skills from us women, this we all know. They’d be lost little pups without us (just poking fun guys don’t get offended). But ladies now it’s time to learn something from these men. Men have this dating game down. Oh yes ladies, they are damn good. Hey, we had to be worse then them at something right? When it comes to dating they are the masters of their own universe, the kings of their castles. They seem to do it with greater ease. So let’s take a few notes, let’s turn the tables by learning how to date like a man, think like a man, learn what men want in women, and how they handle themselves in relationships.

Think Like a Man

Men aren’t running around waiting for someone to magically find them and sweep them off their feet and ride off into the sunset. There are men who decide that they are ready to settle down and then may change up their style of dating a bit to accommodate more marriage-ready dates, but they are proactive. Men have an advantage over us in that they can make a decision and then implement a plan that corresponds with it. We have to mull and agonize and be indecisive, and in the end, we are still sitting there waiting for prince charming.

Three quick tips to think like a man:       

Be decisive-decide what you want, date according.

Be open- sometimes just date for the fun of it! Date Him!

Be discerning not discriminating – a man can take one look at you and tell if you are “wifey” material. Don’t waste time with men who don’t have “husband” qualities if you are looking for a husband. Learn to categorize your men ladies! Guys do it ALL the time.

Enjoy Being Single

Life is a ride, and sometimes you just have to throw your head back, stop gripping the rail, and let the wind blow through your hair. Loosen up. It’s a great time to be single: let’s celebrate! Stop worrying so much about when you are going to find the perfect man, or when you will get married. Each relationship you enter into, serious or not, helps you to grow and develop even better relationship skills. By the time you find your “one” you should be sharp and on your best relationship behavior. Some of you are so lost in relationships because you don’t have enough experience. You cut guys out too fast and don’t let yourself date on different levels. It doesn’t have to be a serious courtship or nothing. Chillax. Breathe. Live.

Sex Does Not Equal Love

No. It doesn’t. Sorry. You may believe in the sacredness of sex, want to save yourself for marriage or at least someone that you are in love with, but that doesn’t mean sex=love. Sex is sex. Part of your rights as a woman is to use it how you want to, however you feel is right for you-without feeling guilty! All I’m saying is that just because he has sex with you doesn’t mean he loves you, likes you, or even has a good time with you. Sorry. Next.

So let’s recap what we’ve learned: men are decisive, decisiveness can save your life-and time, men are open to having a good ole time while dating-you should be too. Remember each date and each relationship only fine tunes your skills, and I’ve got skills-wouldn’t you like to have them? Work at them, and have fun in the mean time. Don’t forget to drop your men in a bucket… Dating material, just for kicks, FWB, hubby material… However you want to categorize it makes no difference as long as you understand every man is not a potential husband and should not be brought home to mother, but you can still date-honestly and openly of course.

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