Everyone is a Lesson


Whether it’s someone you pass who smiles at you or an ornery customer whose table you waited on, every single person with whom you have contact is a lesson waiting to be learned. It’s easy to learn from someone you’ve had a relationship with; someone who makes you ecstatically joyful, and those who have taught you what pain feels like. Everyone is a lesson.

I often write about how important it is to not take other people’s actions towards you personally. You could be the kindest, most courteous and lovely human being and at some point in your life, someone will make it a point to shit on you. Conversely, there are people who aren’t, by any stretch of the imagination, deserving of kindness.

The trick is to not allow how people treat you affect the way in which you view yourself. They don’t dictate you are. You do. When you remove your judgment from your interactions, you will be more likely to learn valuable lessons.

The Perpetual Sweethearts

People who are perpetually kind have either experienced nothing but kindness in their lives, or they’ve been put through the wringer and do not wish their experiences upon others. They didn’t become bitter. They chose to become better.

From the sweet, warm, and kind, we can learn to remain unaffected by all the bullshit that life throws our way. Be kind to those who aren’t so kind, but don’t do it for them; do it for you.

The Assholes

These people are everywhere. There’s an asshole that exists in each one of us as well. Everyone has a mean streak, but luckily most of us know to keep our inner asshole under wraps. I’m not sure why assholes exist, other than to allow us to appreciate the good people who treat others with respect and dignity.

Personally, I appreciate assholes because they make me love the lives of those I know are good people.

The Prima Donnas

Oh, please! Don’t even get me started. Me? Talk to that guy? UGH! He doesn’t even know what Prada IS! Be friends with her? She’s nothing but a…

Honey, get off that high horse before it bucks and you get thrown off. This type of person has so much to prove that s/he projects bullshit onto everyone else. She has no idea that nobody cares or sweats the small stuff. The presumptuous arrogance isn’t cute, but she has no idea.

The Wallflowers

The quiet ones who can easily sink into the walls just might be the most interesting people. They are either shy or simply don’t believe in small talk. These folks are mostly content with simply existing. Although social awkwardness may be what the outgoing ones see,

There are a special few who don’t feel the need to express themselves through conversing. Perhaps the wallflower you know is an intellectual introvert.

Regardless of a person’s demeanor or habits, we can easily learn from them if we simply allow ourselves to.